i just want to ask, are you going to do something with this dead server?
most of the dead servers shut down and give players a chance to migrate their characters.

what are the plans for this server?
this server was big in the beginning of the vanila.
bud at this moment there are not even enough people for a 5 man dungeon not even for raiding.

I think most of the players would welcome the option to migrate their characters befor wotlk to prepare them for the next expansion
most people who playing and paying this game wants to play online with other people, not for being alone on a dead server

So i just want to ask, what are you planning to do? :slight_smile:

Thx, have a nice day !


Yep its been months now there was a few openings for free transfer a week or so before the merger to Golemagg but it was like triple server move. With the wealth my characters have i can’t just up and leave i need an actual automated full transfer to a populated realm. Golemagg got too full - so it was closed off and free transfers were revoked ending up splitting up some new friends i made and its not moving having to move to like 3-4 guilds already.

Sorry i was meant to post as my main but it won’t let me change after a post but yes Asimi is me!..haven’t used the forums in a long time and it just defaulted me to a random toon on list.

Can’t progress my character on this server, it’s like a single player game experience.
Unfortunately blizzard not responding to any of my support tickets.

its fuuny how they care about players who paying for this

They only get 200euros/month from subs in ashbringer , i wouldnt care either lol.But seriously close this server blizzard its a money sink!Soo many ppl traped in ashbringer , i tranfered 2 toons and got 4 more waiting, i aint paying 100euros so i can play an MMO with other people!

is it possible for the server to die entirely with all the remaining characters being shut down with it?

This is a joke :smiley: they close many servers… and about ashbringer no one care :smiley:

i send like 10 topics… try customers service i try like everythink and blizzard just dont care :smiley:

you can see here on forums tickets old 3 months withnout any Develepor even checkt it D

but if you send topic to blizzard they send you to cry on forum xDD

20 days and no body still care :smiley: :smiley:

wotlk is out and we are stacked on dead server where we cant play :smiley: :smiley:

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on a very short period of time, golemagg is having que problems now, and next stop is gonn be mograine.

Gonna start from 30th to move 3 horde 70 to Ashbringer, before it’s gonna be crowded

We are still waiting :slight_smile:
and no body care of this deadserver :smiley:
its pretty fun how they milk 20 ppl for paying game time to play multiplayer game SOLO xD

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Just returned to classic to play wotlk. And sadly I am on Ashbringer… auctions are empty cant find anyone for party… do we have some news about Ashbingers fate?

Numbers are up 400%, I am posting daily numbers on the main forum in a thread.

You guys should all open a ticket requesting free transfer to Jin’do.

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Completely agree with the state of the server and I believe nothing will save Ashbringer and it needs to be merged with other servers.

The realm is unplayable at present.

Transfers from high population servers are not popular because there are no queues there thanks to layering.

To Jin’do? i just brought my main to Ashbringer and i didn’t even need a ticket for that.

People are flokking in from locked servers, I highly recommend others on locked servers to do the same.

Aye, my friend and I did that already. Talked to many refugees while questing, also gehenas refugees

Bring some Alliance fellows over here as well :smiley:


How dead is this server? I used to play on gehennas as alliance at vanilla/tbc. Is alliance situation even worse than on gehennas or it’s playable? Because I don’t want to again not be able to do even 5 man dungeons >.<

Not much of other free transfer options I got, except that lakeshire, german pve server, but everyone speaks german there.