Dear Blizzard, heres your biggest problem:

Theres simply not enough skimpy mogs.
Get at it.
Theres nothing to lose, women also like to dress nice so you can keep up with the woke facade, so add some sexy mogs for the love of God.
No, srsly, do that.


Totally agree. I am very gratefully with the new shorts added in fireplume regalia. But we still need more options. We lack of cool designs. I dont feel choosing, refilling.
Fireplume regalia shorts design is very very cool (one of the best imo) but the problem is few veriety of colours. I mean colour in particular is fine, but would be cool if we have more colours variety. So we can use it with more mogs outfits.
Again, we lack cool leather pants (sexy designs are not beyond 5). With more designs and colours.
I want to add I feel very happy with your current work at backs. New designs to me are a worth reason to get DF.
I hope you spread this good work in other slots, pants and shoes are very needed.
**Edited cuz I writed as a drunk.

I stopped subbing so… I will answer etiditng this comment :V
That idea that hidding pants to focus on belt is awesome. I like it, I would use Wild Gladiator’s Cord of Prowess as pants

These are all of the Leather options Ranked by “common-sense” preference:
[Fireplume Shorts and Stockings]]- pretty cool, downside is they’re in a certain colour and there so far no other variations.
[Ceremonial Leather Loincloth] - low res, and its hairy and weird but sadly the go-to 90% of the cases where you want more skin at the lower part of the body, to match with your torso transmog if its on the skimpy end.
[Thunderlord Leggings]- Cool looking , decent pixel count, downside is it just look really weirdly flat, it just needs a 3d upgrade.
[Savage Leggings]- Pretty neat, low resolution though.
[Peerless Leggings]- Low res, red in colour you might as well buy Fireplume.
[Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Shorts]- Pretty cool, but nobody knows from where they are, theyre only in the transmog tab but unobtainable.
[Praetorian Leggings]- Has many variants and colours, theres also a belt that takes this appearance called “Praetorian Girdle” but generally disgusting looking and low res + i never seen someone mog this its really ugly.
[Reinforced Leather Pants]- mediocre looking, low res.

What I propose is of course some new designs but also the option to remove pants in the transmogrifier, Yes it sounds contraversial but hear me out:
There plenty of Belt transmogs that act as pants like for example [Initiate’s Necromantle Sash], [Discordant Bearer’s Girdle],[Sniper’s Ammo Belt] , personal favourite [Cinch of Sizzling Flesh] and maybe even [Discordant Bearer’s Girdle]. And depending on the color scheme your transmog is you cant combine it with the proper pants.
So its not me really wanting be running around in underwear its just there belts that act like pants and transmoging Ceremonial Loincloth or Fireplume sometimes does not match the color cheme.
Sorry if I rant in circles. Its a bad habbit.


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