Dear Blizzard, let’s make enhance great again 👍

So now the doom winds and deep rooted elements bugged are fixed (this is great) we gonna lose aproximately 5% st and 8% aoe on top of the 25% nerf to all dmg. I felt the 25% was really “over the top”, we need need scaling back a lil but this was maybe a lil too heavy handed esp now all these too bugs are fixed.

Also I’d like to make the case of increase doom winds duration from 8 secs back to 12secs. You can kept the nerf to dmg from 25% to 10% but my issue is it feels bad to play with. It’s all over a lil too quick. It’s meant to be this burst window but at 8 secs it feels more of a burst peek hole. All over to quick. (Name of my next home movie)

Just seen the Tuning on beta! 10%! I’ll take it!! Thank you

Blliz dont listen to enhnca shaman we have low damage no one need enhncd shaman for key 25 + coz he have low damage and Dies quickly in battle

That’s not as good as you think, 25% - 100% = 75% + 10% of 75% is 82.5%

That is not including the “bug fix”

Why is this tuning not on mmo champion?

Still, wtf !

When will they leave flame shock, frost shock, ice strike alone ?

Some of our toolkit requires some tuning, but these 3 at least…

This “buff” is just a compensation for the damage lost on bug fixes. According to some experienced people -8% nerf (bug fixes) + 10 % buff = +2 % buff
So the last 25% nerf to us is now 23% xD.

No love for enhacement

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