Dear Blizzard, Please Rescue our Server from Dying

Tl:dr - Players are quitting frustrated because of server imbalance (in our case 30% Alliance and 70% horde) and relentless killing of low levels and basically anyone. This leads to even more imbalance and more problems. Start battlegrounds ASAP to ease the situation in the open world.

I choose to play WOW Classic on a PVP server 15 years ago and I loved it. That is why I decided to choose again a PVP server trusting that blizzard were able to recreate the experience of back then (which they intended with the phases). So why do I complain now?

Because what is happening right now is absolutely not a recreation of the past experience, back then we were busy exploring the world, wiping on Mayordomo or twinking. Today all raids are clear, the world is well known, twinking is troublesome and too time consuming.

So what is left? PVP that fits in every schedule perfectly between the 2 ½ hours mc raid each week. That itself is not catastrophic and could be fun. But now calculate in this equation the totally imbalanced Servers with masses of members of one faction searching everything which gives just one point of honor and you end up with a mess.

Just a few examples:

  • 8 deaths to reach BRD
  • 5 lvl 60 on the boat from Booty Bay to Ratchet
  • Basically every questing zone between 48 and 60 is now packed with 60 farming their livestock.

In my opinion the only way to ease the situation would be to make a phase 2.5 release like with diremaul to release the battlegrounds ASAP. This would obviously not solve the problem but it would ease it and with that may help to keep the little rest of the alliance (or horde in some cases) stay on those skewed servers. Also as I said before, it is not the real experience anyway… therefore there would be no harm in releasing the battlegrounds a bit before schedule.

PS - to the dominating faction: I know you want honor but if you kill the little rest of your opposite faction (especially while leveling) into extinction, what are you going to kill tomorrow? You don’t cut your crops half way…

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Just do like those heroes from Etecc do. Roll Rogue, only attack if you’re in a 25 man group orr if the horde is low health, in combat or low mana.

Be Best, Be Etecc

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