Death and Decay confusion

Death and Decay states that “Necrotic Strike will hit […]”, but isn’t Necrotic Strike removed from the game? What am i missing?


Missing the fact that noone cares about DK from dev side and all kids of crap is wrong?


what the man above me said. there is No other class in this game that is as neglected and completely tossed to the side as us.

and those that claim otherwise do not play DK


it’s just sickening how we have been going for so long whit this half arsed effort being put in to the class design of DK,
the silence from blizztard and those random aura buffs does not help making their case any better when they only adds more problems to an already problematic class whit an even more problematic talent tree’s,
and lets not forget how spiteful the devtards have been whit our tuning being so slow to be implemented leaving us many times going for months underperforming on top of the design of our spec/talent tree turning us in to a gimmick fighter it’s just embarrassing at this point,
and lets not forget all this friken feedback that has been given and none has been addressed only times this even slightly has been done has been when streamers has made some QQ talk that’s only when devtards have even bothered to respond.

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