Death by Design Guild is looking for more members to join the ranks for M+ & Raiding!

Death By Design [Alliance] is growing into one of the best places for players who want to experience all the content this game has to offer within a relaxed and chilled out guild.

We formed at the start of Dragonflight as a small group of friends who have played for a long time together, and slowly the guild has grown into a very close group of people running mythics and raiding in an environment that has allowed all of us to have an incredible time so far in Dragonflight, as we have learned and loved the new content together.

As successful as our time has been so far, we are always looking for people who want to experience the same thing, and we also need more players to help expand and bolster our raiding.

We are always looking for the kind of player who knows the value of a guild bond, and has the time and patience to get back up and go again with a laugh and a smile on a wipe. If this sounds like you then we might be a great home for your favourite characters!

We currently accept all types of players, with all levels of skill sets, as long as they embrace the culture of our guild. Our guild has many players who enjoy progressing in PvE, but we also have PvP players and tradeskillers in the guild, and our guild leaders are hands-on and approachable players. All kinds of players are welcome here with us!

You can contact:


…for more information or if you have any questions.

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