Death Coil Self-Healing In Arena

I have tried so many different macros, all of which work perfectly in every content except arena, to use Death Coil to heal myself while under the effect of Lichborne. I wondered if the problem was @self macros in arena so I tried actually targeting myself and it still won’t work, but only in arena.

Can someone please explain to me why it won’t work? What am I missing? I even contacted support and was literally told that you folks on the forums would know better (because that’s how bad Blizzard’s customer support has gotten).

/cast lichbourne
/cast [@Melk] Death Coil
Just spamm button
You will be first dk ever who heal with lichborn in arena.
Death strike is much better than death coil

Thanks for the response, but that macro doesn’t work in arena… “invalid target” is all you get.

Works for me
I use also these
/cast [@player] Death and Decay
/cast [@player] Anti Magic Zone
Everything works.

/cast Lichborne
/cast [@player] Death Coil

You could try different wording something like /cast [target=player] for what it’s worth.

Beyond that idk you can try some random troubleshooting. Put it on a different keybind. Use a @focus macro with yourself as focus does that work? is some auto self cast setting causing a problem? who knows things can be finnicky sometimes.

DS can’t be used while disarmed, you know? And when you are not in range with any target or they have evasion or bubble.

Death coil can.

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