💀 Death Knight Roleplay - Veilbound Vigil (Neutral RP)

That would be me. Unfortunately I am dealing with some real life events that keep me away from WoW for this short period of time but I will get one of my guys to get in contact with you as soon as we can.


Of course! RL > RP, take your time bud! I’ll reach out some more as well and look through other members of your guild to get in touch!

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The Vigil moves out to dispatch a group of centaur dealing with necromancy. But the other knights think that the Commander was just using it as an excuse to purge those miserable creatures.

In the end, the necromancers were dispatched, but questions as to where they got their source of magic arise and now investigations are taking effect.

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Some forgotten or forbidden practises better stay that way.

When an obscure group of fanatics unearthed some of the Scourge’s secrets in an attempt to summon vile, plague-spewing structures for their procession directly from beyond the Veil, they quickly found out why that is.

Rewarded for their efforts with scraps and ruins, their undertaking only managed to draw the attention of the Vigil, who intervened before disaster could strike. With the “Lightfallen Augury” decimated and their leader swept away by his own plagues, this should have been the first and last thing to be heard of them.


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Obsidian Destroyers - Their blackened wings cast a shadow of cold dread on any battlefield. The lifeless glow of their eyes makes any sorcerer rethink their life choices.

With a clear mission to create one of their own, the Vigil set out to Uldum to capture a Tol’vir priest maddened by the “recent” emergence of N’zoth. Although he sustained some damage in the fight, the forges of Acherus are running hot to put the broken guardian back together and place him under the Ebon Blade’s unholy servitude.



Imagine, if you will, a group of Death Knights that’s so cool, follows the (class) lore, acts like death knights and have a bovine leader.

Now imagine if that guild had a name. It’d be the Veilbound Vigil.

So I’d say you should join this bunch if you need a home for your death knight and get cooler! :wink:


One of our knights wished to raise a new beast to carry him into battle. A horse is simply not good enough for a kaldorei. So a hunt for a night saber was proposed and so the Vigil went to seek out a group of elves for a ‘contribution’.

What they found was a fight between a rogue warband of orcs and a night elf patrol that ended in death for both parties, and a boon for the death knights in the form of many new bodies.

One of which was a saber they sought, drowned in one of the slime filled rivers of Felwood. The body frozen and preserved, the next task was to prepare it so that it could be raised.

After experiments of blood, the assistance of frost and the talents of unholy, a beast of slime and blood was formed.



I bet that elf named it something good.

Like Cuddles, Toothy or Slimy :wink:

Not too long ago, the Veilbound Vigil responded to an emergency near the cliffs of Icecrown. Responding to the threat, they would soon discover a massive golem of ice and stone causing avalanche after avalanche, weakening the mountainside.

If this threat was not removed, the Scourge would have a new opening to pour out from Icecrown and flood into the areas once more.

Working together, cracking apart ice that held the construct together, the death knights broke apart the creature of ice and rock, recovering a powerful core of ice for their efforts.

But when they investigated the area further for what caused such a thing to rise up, they encountered a camp recently used. Scattered remains of a fire, empty tents and strange trinkets made of dragonscale were discovered.
But as for the occupants of said camp? Not a trace of them could be found. Nor trail to follow.

Dragon hunters? Foolish adventurers? And were they responsible for the elemental attack on Icecrown? Without a trail to follow, the death knights could only speculate the cause. For now, they had a mountainside to repair. New ice needed to be frozen and rocks hauled to seal into place.

The Scourge must be contained. But damn on those who threaten this world, for the Veilbound will remove them by any means should they strike again.


A boss sized event for the Veilbound as a fun hint of what is to come. New threats are arising, but what they are still are shrouded in mystery.


Mpffh! Mpffh-… mpffh. MPFFH!

(Liked! Ever after they raised me I have felt more… Lively. THUMBS UP!)


A two day Hallow’s End event for our knights as they took on a crazy leper gnome who was attempting to take over the world.
…At least he was thinking he would, you know how gnomes are in general.

Our knights took on a strange new challenge for our Hallow’s End adventure. But the aftermath report of what happened to them only left the Commander… very confused and concerned for what missions the Veilbound Vigil goes on when she isn’t around.

Great job to Ne’mec and Tarion for hosting this adventure.


Mppfh-hh mpff-… Oh, right, this geist can speak now! (I got a tongue from no doubt a humanitarian contributor)

Yesterday, I hosted my first short event for the Vigil and chaos ensued! We fought against a Cult of the Damned cultist with a knack for bringing lost limbs back to life! As the Vigil forces were climbing and scattering to enter the fortified keep of Craig Handtaker, Vossel and Kuwei brought the villains shcemes to and end with a literal FLAMING FIST CRASHING THE KEEP FOLLOWED BY A BLAZING UNICORN!

With the final agonized screams of Craig dying inside, their Meat Wagon activated one final time - launching their own severed hand, holding a list of all of the parts Craig had acquired over the course of their nefarious actions! [A new item acquired: Craig’s List!]

With Schism skittering and scavenging the ruins afterwards, we finally had the parts to introduce a Plague Spreader weapon for Schism for infiltration- and sabotage uses!


While we enjoying the new patch, our RP doesn’t stop. We just moved it to our Discord server for the time being as we do the current patch’s content.
Fighting the Primalists, training our dracthyrs.

All fun and games except for our DKs… They still work.

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As the Dragonflight is released, the Veilbound Vigil will be spending our time enjoying the new expansion. We’ll use this time to enjoy the content, explore the new isle, gather up the new items and write up new plot lines for us to explore.

I am excited to see what trinkets and toys we can collect that will expand our RP effects, as well as mobs to pickpocket for new enemies to fight!

We wish everyone a good start in the new expansion!


Several of the knights of the Veilbound Vigil gathered to discuss what their scouts have learned about the Dragon Isle. The threats that lurk there, of gnolls with decay magics, of centaurs with necromancy at their call, of primalists causing their chaos.

It concludes that there is enough for the Vigil to investigate for their own gains. But getting to the Isle while the Red Dragonflight is still a little annoyed with the Ebon Blade is not going to be simple.



As more and more adventurers flock to the Dragon Isles to aid in the expeditionary efforts, so too does the Veilbound Vigil finally set their plan in motion to establish a presence on this new continent.

New initiates are raised, resources are amassed, and clandestine paths unto the Isles’ shores are explored as to not invoke the ire of the red dragons - at least not too soon.


The past week has been busy for the Veilbound Vigil. After a mishap with landing on the Isle and ending up in a Djaradin camp, the death knights fought their way out, slaying a few of them in their path as they regrouped and sought to find their way to their intended location.

Travelling through the Waking Shore, exploring and harvesting new materials, as well as avoiding the attention of the Red Dragons, they would soon find a way south… through the Worldbreakers camp.

A day of looting, killing and exploring later, they did accidently draw the attention of some red dragons, who were not happy about the death knights being there. But with our actions against the djaradin and Worldbreakers taken note of, they at least gave them a chance to prove themselves.

Slay a lead hunter of the Djaradin forces nearby. Without their decaying death magic.
Thankfully, the Veilbound salvaged explosives from the Worldbreaker caves.

Slaying the Djaradin’s beloved magmammoth, the Veilbound lured them into a trap, setting off the explosives as the djaradin was crushed alive under part of a mountainslide.
With their task done and the way cleared, the Veilbound finally moved forward south, discovering the Dragonscale Basecamp.

Resupplying, gathering information and meeting new faces, the Veilbound keep to themselves with the goal of moving out soon enough.
Tenasa finally got to see what a dracthyr looks like as well.



The end of Terakrilon the Blind

It was a calm evening as the Knight’s of the Veilbound Vigil had set up their small camp a bit outside of the Dragonscale Basecamp in the Waking Shores. Soon they will continue their way south until they reach their final target: Azure Span.

But this evening was not as calm as it looked first. It was not because of another Tauren Death Knight or Elven Pyromancer joining them to share some knowledge about the unknown lands, no…

Just as they talked a massive read and brown colored earthen infused Protodragon crashed into the camp! His skin as hard as rock, his claws could tear trees apart and his maw would swallow everything in his way. The only issue the Protodragon Terakrilon had was… he was blind. But his sense for smelling and even feel the ground shaking when someone was walking over the earth.

He snapped after someone! Missed the large Tauren Death Knight he was looking for and by accident took the Commander of the Vigil with him as he swooped from the cliff where the camp was!

The Vigil and others followed the way only to have Terakrilon and his Primalist companion standing in their way!

The fight was rough and the Dragon does not seem to have his rage for the Tauren Death Knight under control! As the Primalist tried to absorb the earthens Dragon’s power to slay down the Knight’s the dragon turned against the Primalist! He swallowed her with one bite, only to absorb the energy she had, to grow massive!

The energy of the Primalist and the attacks on Terakrilon but was too much for the Protodragon’s body and with a massive blow the Dragon exploded himself, even tried to take the others with him.

With the Dragons defeat the Vigil could finally search for their Commander and found her in a Primalist camp not far from where they fought. A few papers and a unfinished letter have been found, together with a chest, when opening the chest one of the Death Knight’s hand starts to instantly rot, just a glare showed that it was just a small bundle inside that but was enough to make the flesh of the Knight wither away! The magical infused item then was taken under the Knight’s watch and brought to a safe place, Acherus for further inspections.

The Knight’s and their living companions returned to the Basecamp to recover from the fight and to repair their armor. Getting ready for their next mission.


The Veilbound Vigil has secured a location on the Dragon Isle as a suitable base of operations for future missions there. Away from prying eyes of dragons and mortals, we now begin our work to combat the gnolls, the primalists and any other threats in the area.

Not to mention the amount of raw resources we can also get.

Several new recruits have also joined our ranks in this time, as we march forward. Containing the Scourge, and combatting new threats.