đź’€ Death Knight Roleplay - Veilbound Vigil (Neutral RP)

For years we served as the spearhead of our order. Ours was the privilege of first blood, as the very tip of the blade that opened the wound, for the cold justice of the edge to follow. Across the realms of the living and the dead our coming was an omen of reckoning.

We were the vanguard to the righteousness of the grave. We were the Onslaught.

Now the Frozen Throne sits empty and the Scourge runs rampant at our very doorstep. With no single entity remaining to keep the damned and their many warring erstwhile lieutenants in check, Highlord Mograine has taken the burden of succeeding the Lich King in his duty upon the shoulders of all of us.

Over are the days of our steeds’ thunderous drumming of hooves on foreign soil, at least for now, as now we must look inwards to safeguard all that which we fought for in the first place.

The time of the Onslaught is over. Now is the hour of the Veilbound Vigil.

Even if the living shun us, we press on. Even if our methods are reviled, we do what we must to ensure the security and stability of all.

In our duty we are united! In our vigil we stand!

The Veilbound Vigil is a cross-faction guild focused towards the roleplay of death knights, necromancers and minions of the Ebon Blade. With no more Lich King to watch over Icecrown, the duty now falls to the knights to safeguard the dark place from any who seek to use its power.

The Scourge, now unbound and rampaging, must be kept in check. The strongest of the undead will seek to take power and lead the mindless hordes against this world.

What we offer those who join our ranks:

Training and Teaching
New to death knight roleplay or a veteran returning, we offer means to hone your skills. From lessons mastering your ability to raise the dead, to understanding alchemy to mend your wounds.

Events and Casual Roleplay
Our focus on roleplay is to not just tell a story as a guild but to encourage the stories that your characters have as well. From fighting against potential Scourge warlords to focusing on the struggles that your character faces, we do our best to cater telling an engaging story.

Understanding death knight roleplay
We will help you understand death knight roleplay and help you to avoid common mistakes made by new roleplayers when they make this class. The truth is that death knight roleplay can be a difficult thing to do correctly. Freshly risen initiate, which are a good way for new players to get into the class, can explore the past, present and future of their characters with our Instructor’s trials.

Ranks of the Veilbound

  • Commander - The leader of the Veilbound. The executive officer of the unit in charge of mission-acquisition, -planning and -execution, wielding the highest authority within the Veil with the help of their Deathbringers and Ravagers.

  • Captain - The second in command. (OOCly, Alliance side leader.)

  • Deathbringer - The eyes, ears and long arm of the Commander’s authority, either at their behest or in their lieu. They act as officers and spearhead the missions of the Knights below them in rank.

  • Ravager - Hardened veterans who have earned themselves an elevated position within the Vigil, authorized to assert limited authority over their fellow Knights, lead missions and take on specialized administrative roles.

  • Death Knight - The backbone of the Vigil, who serve as the majority of the Veilbound’s forces. They have the ability to take on initiates as squires under their wing to train them.

  • Initiates - The bottom of the barrel, the most promising sack of meat and bones risen from the pile to be broken and reforged into a weapon of indiscriminate justice under the banner of the Veilbound Vigil, of the Ebon Blade.

Other ranks

  • Necromancers - Talented in spellcraft and raising of undead, these scholars and researchers serve to support the death knights in battle with their dark crafts.
  • Acolyte - Serving under necromancers, acolytes are what initiates are to death knights.
  • Minions - Homunculi, Constructs, Dark Rangers - As servants of no rank or repute, minions serve only the bidding of their betters on the lower end of the chain of command, though individuals may gain particular favour with the upper echelons for outstanding commitment and skill.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Ebon Blade today, you can contact me via:

  • Discord: forever.tired
  • Ingame: Whisper Tenasa (Horde) or Shanaren (Alliance). Ingame mail is a good way to get into contact as well.
  • Guild Finder: Type in Vigil and look for Veilbound Vigil.

Sulks at the corner

“Initiates, You have been chosen to be risen as Death Knights, You are to be made into the Harbingers of Death and to be a Destroyer of our foes, But right now you are less then Nothing, You are a maggot to be squashed, Nothing but food for the Ghouls, That’s why from this point you will be broken down, Stripped of your weaknesses and remade into something far stronger. You will either survive and stand a Death Knight, Or die as you lived, A waste of space…”

Greetings, I am the current Knight Instructor of the Vigil, It is my task to help any joining Initiates and those new to DK RP get up to Scratch. When you join the Vigil as an Initiate i will be the one training you and subjecting you to the Knight trials to see you become a Death Knight, However be aware of the fact that in character Initiates get treated quite harshly. You will be subjected to a Drill sergeant on steroids and who barely has a morale compass. Things like poor discipline, disrespect and other things will be punished accordingly within reason in Character.

Outside of that however Join the fun. Most of the Vigil is trained by me so clearly i am doing something right. Experience the true harsh training of a Death Knight.


Maladrus casts a glare on Tarion

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To be honest, the most amazing RP I’ve had has been during my trails and training as an initiate. Tarion is a harsh and AMAZING drill sergeant.

And yes I had to start an dk alt just so I can enjoy his training again… :wink:


As a former member of the Ebon Onslaught that went out to serve Gnomekind I can only endorse these “people”* and their new concept!

Join if you want 7/7 level Ebon Blade roleplay!

*get it? Cuz they are undead and undeath aren’t people. Haha.


Within this guild I had one of the most emotional moment’s in my RP time. The people are great and they all put love into their character ideas!
Try to build up ideas, supporting each other even outside of the game.
And if RL get’s hard they are always there for talking, hanging around and have an ear for you.

The initiate trials are always a joy to watch and is a big part of the guild.

I’m curious of where our journey goes now with the coming Expansion! Plans are made and we welcome other to join our journey!


The Veilbound Vigil has completed the first of an important set of goals:
Controlling some of the stronger undead of the Scourge and bending them to our will.

They will command the forces of the uncontrolled undead, while obeying our will. With their leash held by us, we will send them to fight other forces of undead.
Infighting within the Scourge to hamper any efforts for them to take control.

Others will fall in line once we issue a good beat down and a zap with a Sovereign Rod.

Plottwist, the undead you are trying to control becomes a maniac, grows -far- stronger and kills you. Sorry, it just sounded a bit like Shadow of Mordor, but in a good way, it makes sense!

A couple days ago, one of the death knights of the Forgecog Fellowship went on a mission with the Veilbound Vigil.

It is important to maintain good relations with allies and neutral organisations!





bumping because undeads need love


This week the Vigil will have more initiates going through their Trials and lessons from our Deathbringer on how we can boil the blood of the living and freeze their carcasses afterwards for safe preservation.

We will need living volunteers for these exercises.

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Under the tutelage of Knight Bonestrider, the Veilbound Vigil learns about the practical uses of runic blood magic with the help of an “honored guest” from the Scarlet Crusade.



The Veilbound Vigil just had an epic four day campaign hosted by our awesome Deathbringer.

The adventure took a toll on our knights mentally, and many laughs from the voice calls were had as we delved deep into our characters stories, struggling with new challenges that faced us, and despite being the edgy dark death knights of undeath and murdering… we still had our moments where we showed the bright side of our RP experience.

Die today and be recruited into the Ebon Blade!



Kuwei was shown a glimpse of what it means to be alive again, a faint semblance of normality amidst eternal duty and vigilance…

… only to have it ripped from her again in the most mentally anguishing fashion possible.

I’m hearbroken.
10/10 would do it again.


Holy Hades, my character is an emotional wreck! And so am I! (Yes, DK’s can be an emotional wreck, didn’t you know? :sweat_smile: )

This is an alt-character, but I do so love my pirate DK dearly, you have no idea! And this event really solidified that! She got to be her joyous, boisterous self again! She got to explore feelings the way she’d never thought possible again! The rush of battle! The feeling of your beating heart! The laugh and company of your mates! The joy to be with those you cherish!

Just to have it ripped away when they returned to reality. And her emotions dulled to the point of barley existing.

Poor Mavican.

And poor me! During these days I’ve laughed! I’ve cried! I’ve been on the edge of my freaking seat! The VC has almost been in uproar! FROM JOY!

I knew the officers in this guild was pretty damn amazing, the reason I’ve been in this guild for more than a year. But this event they really went above and beyond!

Gonna need a moment after this…

I seriously love you guys!

Also, if any of you readers want to have your emotions in a turmoil? Or just explore the darker sides of WoW RP? Come join us! You won’t regret it! :wink:


Three months of meticulous mental legwork and a tireless pursuit of perfection finally bore fruit as Kuwei buried the Veiltouched Heart deep within her undead serpent’s chest. Blightscale she had called him, though the name had become unbefitting.

Although he was already a force to be reckoned with did undeath not come without one or another deficiency for Blightscale, an unfortunate circumstance that the Ravager had worked tirelessly to rectify.

An artefact was required, born from corruption; a symbol of sanctity defiled and the very essence of the veil amalgamated in an unholy alchemical transmutation that pierced the shadow realm itself and beckoned the souls of the lost through the wound in reality.

A risky undertaking, but thanks to the help of the Vigil, Ravager Serpentscorn’s project proved a resounding success. The Onyx Heart that had served as the alchemical reactant, once a tool of the Mogu to corrupt serpents into doing their twisted bidding, had been transformed into the Veiltouched Heart.

The moment it started beating in Blightscale’s chest he had become more than either serpent or undead. Permeated by its unholy radiance he now treads the fine line between life and death, his scales crackling with the wails of souls condemned to wander the world in unrest, unseen by most, yet clear to him, drawn to his very hide like a stack of needles to a magnet.

He is Blightscale no more. The moment the heart’s power began to circulate through his body he was reborn as Yao-Len, the Cryptstorm.


The Vigil answered the call when a message detailing strange plague-like effects occurring near the borders of Redridge, with fears that the Scourge was making another attempt on the lands around Stormwind.

When they set off to investigate, what they found were rabid wolves and decaying murlocs, afflicted with decay. Yet what puzzled them was that the nature of the decay was not that of the usual plagues of undeath or anything constructed by the Scourge.

Following the trail of decaying wildlife, they located the local gnolls who were busy performing a ritual to spread their vile magic, themselves not being spared by what they were doing as well.

After a battle against their leader, the Vigil recovered the bodies for study, as well as a number of other odd items used in the ritual. It is not known what these gnolls were up to yet.

Though removed as a potential threat, the Vigil returned to Acherus to study the remains.


A wonderful event by our Deathbringer as a small hint of events in the future to come.

After being invited to a hastened course in a course of “Unholy & You: Virulent Plagues for Dummies”, the Death Knights of Veilbound Vigil had an outstanding opportunity to practice their newly learned abilities in the field.

That field being a mass of defenseless, oblivious Silithid, which were crippled with the most horrific, cruel, and disgusting plagues known to all of Azeroth. All in the name of honing your skills.

It was fun!


Greetings and salutations!

How active is the Alliance - side RP currently? I have a character idea that would fit in this guild concept like a well-oiled cog into any machnine of gnomish enginuity! I’ve levelled them up for a couple of days and added as a friend the mentioned contact in this post, but I’ve yet to see them online.

Feel free to contact my character: Schismer!