Death Knight set look

For those voting expecting a new colour of the sets obviously don’t remember Shadowlands Season 4 where it was the exact same armor sets. There will be no new colour schemes.

For most people this will be an opportunity to unlock Elite Sets that will be unavailable at the end of the Season, or finish off collecting sets. As it stands for DKs, this will be the same sets for a year and the Crimson/Obsidian Elite sets will not be returning.


Bro add this concept art too!!!

And this one. They could make it like the item from Vault of the Incarnates, which allow you to get extra effects on your tier-set. It would be amazing! It’s literally just new effects, the armor already exists in the game:

I did it

Both of these are redesigns of shadowland and legion sets i think
Its funny how some random kids on reddit making better tmogs than developers of wow

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passion vs lazy low life blizztard woke squad,
this sums it up pretty much.

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I’ve changed my main after s3 set. I think it is in top 3 of dk sets.

counterpoint: Fierce Gladiator’s Dreadwake armor. PvP set from Legion season 5,6,7

black is boring. give us more white DK sets.


Just want to remind you how delusional you are for believing they will will do recolors of the winning set.
The biggest gain would be to take season 1, so it could be upgraded and all tier would be available.
Right now, due to people like you who are so single minded on a wish that wont happen, we will recieve the exact same appearences every1 have alrdy achieved.

Your comments however is laughing stock guarenteed. Its hilarious to read your posts and comments - truly the mind of a death knight “everything should be as edgy as possible, and your oppinion is trash, and mine is good, and-and also give us this that would look so fkin edgy do that blizzard i believe you will do it!!”.


T3 Look with other gloves that fits with the shoulders (armor with a skull would be nice)

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I have all s1 and s2,already ty i dont need replay and most of us share mine opinion

Just look pve voting for set bonuses all wrong
Idk do you realise that you dont know how play.

Please guys don’t be an npc voting for season 3, blizzard said nowhere it will be a recolor, you can still have it in game. Choose season 2 or season 1 set because you can’t have it anymore

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I understand that trying to balance all set bonuses would be really tough, but why should we have to chose just one look?

I’d love to be able to separate the set bonus from the set and have the freedom to run at any of the previous tier looks.

Really happy with the mechanisms you’ve added in Dragonflight to make transmog collecting easier, but I’d love to see you open it up further. You’ve decoupled player power from gear in the past (covenant abilities and follower powers - even Azerite armour to some degree)…why not give us the next step of freedom?

I just hope we get a recolor for the set.
White silver or black silver would be awesome, though I doubt they will do anything.

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