Death Knight voice effect gone with new patch

Anyone else with this problem?


Got the same problem.

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Experiencing the same issue as well.

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Came here to see if anyone else had the issue… Bring the voice back


we can scream about this known issue for months, but the second we make a post about something more serious that may involve employee mailboxes they’ll take action lightning quick as usual. im just dissapointed is all.

NOTE: the above wording is a joke, to prove a point.


Yeah, the voice is gone for me too. : (

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Hi, I have the same issue. It’s frustrating.

Can we get a blue answer to understand if it is a bug or if it is normal?

Also if anyone has a solution, I’m interested!

there is no problem, because DK problems are lower prio than the fly on the wall for them, they wont even see this issue because on how little they care, blizz devs and community managers are blind and deaf, not to the marketing and sales people of course.

i am dead serious that should a fair few people scream at their official account on twitter this will get more awareness, and that is sad, so so very sad.

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It"s a very bad news indeed… I open a ticket ingame, I encourage you guys to do the same and to raise it up on socials.

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Hi, any update on this?

The dj voices are still present for sentences like : “there is not target”, but not working with emotes anymore.

Blizzard, any update on when this will be fixed?


we will be lucky if its fixed for next expac.

I am still confused what is the problem no one really have example video for show difference because my voices still works i think

the entire death knight speech filter is gone, imagine if you clicked on the NPC’s on acherus, the death knight guards and trainers, there would be no echo, and no reverb to their voices, just normal dudes.

like that but with every player emote and speech spoken.

^-^ As I was saying…

DH were missing their voice overs until 10.2

I’m bumping all threads on this. I really hope they bring this back!

I’ve noticed that it’s gone too. It was an awesome bit of class fantasy and I’d love see it back!


the voice… need to be back !

the voice has returned for me atleast, after the patch, how about others?

My voice is never gone then i guess still waiting example from people how it is look