Death Strike - Change is not enough

Death strike got something like 5 cumulative nerfs on it, making it the biggest nerf in WOW history.
What is changing with next “Class Tuning” is the least impactful one, so please take some time to test it out and make a worthy change.
You can see how AWC went, DK has no way to defend against physical comps (WW, feral, war, hunters etc.) atleast give us a decent way to try to actively heal back some damage.


All they saw in AWC was UhDK :smiley: :smiley: they blinked and missed part with erased FDK :smiley:


They should atleast try to level our survivability/self-healing to other plate classes like fury war.

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since the removal of presences dk has been a roller coaster. without extra armour we will always feel like paper.

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Good point with the presences actually. I see it as something that could make a comeback. Same happened with warrior stances this expansion in a way.

Yeah, having presences would fix a lot of issues.
For example they could make blood presence a way to trade off a % of damage and get a % healing increase from DS, so our gameplay would be much more active like i do on my war swapping between stances.

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Blood Presence, Death Siphon should be standard at the very least, its not like we had a teleport on top of other defensives.(But black gate would qualify, its all about class fantasy, right?)

death siphon was the dk worst ability vs conversion. i would much rather have conversion back vs death siphon

No, you are wrong. Death Siphon was far superior after they buffed it in WoD, conversion is kinda useless when you are kited and you can’t build up much RP and the best part is, its 40y range and makes you kinda safe to melee cleave swaps.

in WoD we didn’t had conversion. Conversion in mop was far superior to DS with presences. DS used to heal really trashy in mop. i highly doubt blizzard would implement the DS wod version in dragonflight.

We had conversion in WoD, but it was underpowered compared to Death Siphon, while it was the other way around in MoP.

The thing to notice is, in WoD, Dks were among the best melees in pvp unlike MoP, that version of DK was pretty mediocre despite new talents, the numbers sucked.

This means, tools vs kiting had priority and death siphon was an excellent tool for that, if you are a Frost DK with perma death runes.(Unholy still had to convert them, and needed less uptime anyways)

Regardless, blizz removed both talents AND all 3 presences in legion, and that wasn’t their smartest idea for class design.

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