Death strike is already nerfed

Death strike in PvP is already nerfed, with the talents it heals for around 8% ish of our hp. This is before you take damage from players (which btw requires you to have taken atleast 25% of your health the last 5 seconds for it to bet better than 8% (thats the 40% of damage taken)).
When I see shadow priests get of a Flash Heal or an Ele Shaman gets of a heal it heals a lot more and is spammable. As a DK you need to get close to use death strike, and you need to hit the target, and parry, dodge, bubble, whatever screws it over. It already costs a lot of runic power and you need to use other abilities and global cooldowns to get power to actually heal.
Im okay with nerfing the “heal based on % damage taken last 5 sec”, but the initial healing of death strike should be increased not nerfed, it already heals abyssmall amounts initially compared to any other class.

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