Death Strike is still so bad

Biggest death strike’s heal for me is around 50k (With talent) after taking something like 70% hp damage in a couple of seconds, against arms it heals something like 20k or less.
It feels super bad and what scares me the most is that now devs might think they fixed DKs self healing and leave it like that.

Overall we got big hits to our damage that now feels bad, big hits to spellwarden and an unnoticeable % buff to an overnerfed death strike.

Please, think about that, any cloth class is tankier than Dks, everyone has more self-sustain, why so much hate?

I bet DS in some way is bugged :smiley: :smiley: They must forgot some hidden nerf :smiley:

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It is so bad that could really be.

it healed sometimes 60K hp before the update and without improved DS…and now like 30k.

Not that it matters, usually arms and ww monk burst is the problem and they disarm and MS you anyways.

What did you expect to be healer. If you play arena and not bg as developers nerf it in first place. Dampening and ms effect. Is already nerfing DS healing. It is only to stay alive ontil your healer heals you. The necropolis tallent was OP and it was a reason when you where low DS was healing alot.

Will of Necropolis should have stayed in the Blood Spec where this talent belongs, no one asked to have this on all dk specs and DS be nerfed because of that crap.

  • Death Strike healing is no longer reduced in PvP Combat (was reduced by 25%).
  • Improved Death Strike’s effectiveness is still reduced by 50% in PvP Combat.

So as I read it, with increased stamina and a 25% reduction taken off it should be more healing?

I get there’s some other parts nerfed but purely from a DS Point it’s should be an increase.

Note from latest notes.

What did I miss?

You did not miss anything. Either there is a bug, or some unknown shadow nerfs, or something else, DS still feels kinda useless to press.

DS maximum healing is still nerfed by 50% in PvP, thus, the buff was a buff for minimum healing mostly. If the scale healing nerf won’t get removed, SS will still heal for nothing

I know I’m not super good player but I’ve lost 390 rating in last 10 days and I don’t see how will I climb back. Whenever there’s arms or assassination that I’m up against, there’s really no chance to win, if they utilize their toolkit. DS heals for nothing against them and you end up relying 100% on your healer.
Other than this, our dmg feels bad atm. I know we do good overall dmg, but pure single target feels bad. Just the design of it - spending runes to build something on a target so that I can use another ability to burst it, while doing zero dmg. Outside of cds we have zero pressure.

I get to have some decent games, but thats mostly if I get spellcasters lobby or if I’m not the target vs melees, which is rare.

Dont know… It just doesnt feel good atm.

Damage feels like it is almost there but not yet…so maybe few buffs like the one we get this week, and damage will be ok’ish… the huge problem we will still have is survivability. We are melting against any dots or physical damage, soon destros will be melting us too… like honestly they could change DS in to proper healing cd, they could tweak defense numbers…

I’m playing arms warrior aswell and it is insane how better arms is at the moment, while having to use less.

Just to say in advance: I dont call for arms nerfs, I just compare their toolkits with ours.

Healing reduction:
MS effect + sharpen is way better than necrotic wounds. Wounds got nerfed and even unnerfed it was miles away from MS/SB.

Self healing:
As warrior, Impending victory gives you 30% of your hp every 25 seconds.
At this moment, as DK, on average I get 20-30 k per death strike while having to use 35 runic power - needless to say I am losing dps with it cause we could otherwise dump it into coils.
Translating this to percentages, I get 5-7% of my hp per death strike.

Pain and gain vs healing from fallen crusader. We can compare it since its passive.
Pain and gain gives u 4,5% of your hp every 10 seconds, while fallen crusader gives you 6% but it proces around 2 times per minute.
Efficiently, P&G will give you 6 x 4,5% of your hp every minute, while FC will give you 2x6% every minute.

Ignore pain - 11 second cooldown and as a 420 ilvl warrior, I get 40k absorbs.
Even Die by the sword is massively better than IF since it practically gives you immunity vs melees.
Disarm can also count as defensive - since the disarm target isnt doing dmg to you.

Okay, we can say DK can kite melees and consider that as our defensive, but what melee? Only melee that is somewhat kiteable is ret paladin.

To sum everything up, I dont see a department where DK is better than warrior.
I get that you can be better at something or worse at something, but I’ve yet to see where dk is better than arms.

Give us better death strike. I see that Blizzard is going at that direction and I agree that we should have more reactive survivability rather than spellwarding shields/reductions, so just pump it up a little bit. Death strike is garbage at the moment.

Indeed most of what u said is true. I think that FC procs a bit more. However DK performs much better vs casters while warrior struggles. We have Spell Reflection which returns one spell and we receive 20 % reduced magic dmg. DK has AMS and AMZ , ranged interrupt . U can talent Silence and u have abomination’s limp and death grip which help u maximise ur uptime to casters and these tools also stop casts. Death’s advance and wraith walk make dk hard to kite .

You can compare grip to charge. Warriors have 2 charges, DKs have 2 grips. Plus heroic leap for warrior. Tell me honestly, what was the last time that you couldnt have 100% uptime on ranged as warr? For me, as warrior, it was playing mages on some ocassion and literally never more.
Comparing spell reflect and ams.
AMS will net you around 200-250k absorbs. And it has 45 sec CD.
Spell reflect is 20% reduction which will net you much less dmg avoided, but lets say mage bursts on you. You can avoid around 100k dmg with it. Plus, it gives even more if targeted by 2 casters. That’s the beauty of it - its a % based ability. Plus, not very experienced mages will get themselves sheeped, druids will get themselves cloned etc. That’s also the power of spell reflect.

Also, ignore pain works with magic aswell, with 40-50k absorbs every 11 second.
On top of it all, I forgot to mention defensive stance. 15% reduction on demand, whenever you want. - yes with a trade off. But other classes trade dmg for surv aswell, on even more expensive rate - trading Dcoils for Dstrikes, instant lbolts for hsurges (enh), ambushes for feints (rogue). Its happening everywhere.

Yes, DKs are notoriously good against spellcasters and stupid design of non nerfed spellwarding contributed highly to it, but overall, at this moment, warriors are perfectly fine with casters.
Imagine giving more survivability to warriors at this point - They would be pure godmode.

Sorry if I made this post looking like dk vs warr, but I just want to adress issues with our abilities and the easiest class (that looks close to us) to compare it is warrior. Plus, I play both.

Edit: originally posted on my shaman, that’s why the delete.

Hunters are a bit problem. However i can connect to my targets but with the risk of overextend. Generally warrior is kiteable . Ofc in arena with a pala casting me freedom whenever is needed plus with my mobility tools, I can achieve higher uptimes to my targets. I will end the comparison here, concluding that warrior vs caster cleaves struggles and at higher ratings warrior is countered with CC perma slow . The counterplay is based mostly on the player itself and less than the tools of a said class.

Indeed DS healing is low compared to its cost.DS could heal more when we are low hp. The could buff the minimum healing and revert all the pvp nerfs. Blood draw is on of the worst talents for dk . It should heal for a maximum hp like 15%

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