Death to the alliance

The only disgusting thing here are you filthy blood elves and you blood elves are the ony pnes who should stand for treason and be burned alive /spit

But you can’t kill hope.


I love this guy pls never ban him


Remove the Alliance and the Horde will fall in civil war. You pigs can’t prevent yourself from being the idiot kids you always are.

Yes I play an orc.
But a warlock from the Black Harvest.

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Looking at the title, and not at the ranting, I guess this is a plea for Anduin to ally with the Jailer. With the forces of Death going to the Alliance, the Horde stands no chance. Their armies are even more infinite than the infinite Legion!


Well, Legion’s armies were not infinite, just infinitely respawning thanks to the power of plot device.

That in itself was a bit of a retcon, though. Or “clarification”, if you like that better. The Legion was infinite, until Blizzard decided to have us defeat it.

Hey at least we can be sure that we won’t have more expansions with a disgusting green touch… and hopefully no Val’sharah.

Ever been to Maldraxxus? Might not be fire anymore, but green anima and pus are all around…

The zune really dissapointed me tbh. I expected plaguelands/naxxramas vibes but eh…

But we didn’t really defeat the Legion, we just cut the Head off and took away their place to reform after death, or did i misunderstand legion?^^

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Even before the legion the demons could’ve been reborn/resurrected (or however the process is called) in the twisting nether. When Sargeras got Argus he used the world soul to speed up this process… somehow. In the end we captured their leader and killed their highest general which leads us to legion’s fall cuz demons struggle to co-op without an authority behind them.

We didn’t (and couldn’t) defeat all demons. We did defeat the Burning Legion, Sargeras’ organisation.

The head of the organization was quite important to it. As was a shared respawn point.

Im Horde at heart but please can we not have Anduin going craycray…

take Tyrande instead if you want an Alliance related leader to turn evil. :slight_smile:

Why not both? And let’s throw in Jaina, Thrall and Baine for good measure? And… well, as far as I’m concerned the whole cast.


Well, if so, why we even resist? Let Jailer and Sylvanas do their thing i guess.

Nah, let’s keep the world, and just drop the main cast. The game has become much too character-driven.

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Uhm, Its a MMORPG.

Of course it is following a story and therefore characters play a major role.

It was an MMORPG before Cata as well, when the great names stood around in their capitals, while the story that mattered was the story your character lived through. We don’t need to follow any heroes to have a story, if we ARE the heroes.

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Guess depends on preferences. I prefer them not being simple NPCs standing around doing nothing at all but occassionally giving a quest or two. But I also don’t consider them to be the heroes, since I perceive us as those since we do the jobs that need to be done anyways. (Not to mention saving them on multiple occasions or fighting their fights.)

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