<Deathrand> [H] is Recruiting for Raids

< Deathrand > is looking for more raiders to fill our ranks.
We’re especially in need of tanks (Warriors and Paladins mostly) and healers.
Accepting DPS applications, but we can not guarantee a raid spot to DPS until the roles balance out more.

Our current raid days are Sunday/Monday and Saturday/Tuesday, but we try to provide at least 1 Wednesday Karazhan for those who want to clear it early. Raid times are scheduled from 19:00-22:00 ST (GMT+1/CET). Raid spots are assigned with a prio of Core Raiders over Raiders and Raiders over members/socials and rosters will be published at least 1 day prior to the raid. Invites start 15 minutes before the raid is scheduled to start to minimise any delays.

We are currently using Loot Council, with prio for Tank/Heals over dps. Loot is distributed according to BiS-lists, performance, raid-preparation (see “Mandatory for Raids”), attendance and current gear.

Mandatory for Raids:

  • Knowing your class
  • Knowing tacts
  • Bring appropriate consumables (aka; drums welcome, but not required; mana pots/health pots required; battle+guardian elixir and/or flask)
  • Enchants/gems on BiS gear (the guild bank can help out with Void Crystals especially)
  • Signing up on discord so we can properly plan the set-up for that raid
  • Having your spec’s BiS-list ready, either from Wowhead or Icyveins

If you’re interested in a raid spot or require more information, feel free to whisper: Ishamuhale (GM), Gnomkiller (Raid Leader), Brainwash (Raid Leader), Stefän (Officer), Ijey (Officer) or Woolybully (Officer).

Extra note; socials and levelers are more than welcome to join!

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