Dedicated Player looking for Mythic Raiding guild

Hey, i am currently looking for a Mythic raiding Guild for the current and following raidtiers, until nyalotha i always played WoW more casually but since i don´t play any other games competetively anymore i wanted to start playing wow on the highest level there is, in nyalotha i got to 4/12 mythic within 1 week of pugging mythic and in the current raid tier i have 9/10 heroic xp
I´ve just rerolled to an unholy dk and would be down to transfer realm/faction if everything fitts well

for more information just either add me on Discord or Battle net
Discord: Meditus#8972
Battlenet: Paladinosart#2988
to all others that are not interested: Have a wonderful day and stay healthy

Have a read of below, we are Alliance but could be a good fit for you and your experience.


If your still looking for a guild, please do check out our post below and message me if it interests you.



Simplistic 2/10 M, is a newly formed guild. Of irl friends, and long term in game friendships.

We have come together, formed a mythic raiding guild. That will aim for CE each tier going forwards.

We raid Thursday and Sunday, from 20-23 Server time.

Any newcomers are welcome as Trial position, main raid team is preferably looking for Warrior, Warlock, DK- Though all exceptional players are in consideration.

We are looking for socials, to help fill the optional guild events such as RBG’s, Arena, M+.

For any further questions, contact either;
Or on discord;