Deepwing Gorge out-of-bounds exploit

I’ve recently seen this arcane mage,ød, moving out of bounds, and standing on the walls above the Shrine area in the Deepwing Gorge map.
He uses Alter Time before jumping down, deals damage, potentially interrupts a cap and returns back on top of the map.
I’ve not seen how he actually gets there, though I suspect he does it with Blink.
Long range classes, like MM hunters can reach him but he can gain enough distance to go out of combat and regen.


This is actually done with an engineering grenade. Sticky warp grenade Q3. You throw it and then get teleported to the position where you threw the grenade. With this, you can glitch out of the normally accessible play area.

I have done it too in the past to explore the map a bit more. Deepwind Gorge is based upon the valley of the four winds zone and you can go to all the areas that are normally in the zone, except that they will be lifeless and empty. In WSG you can go up the path leading to the barrens. It’s quite interesting.

I only ever did it in rounds that were already decided, but not yet finished, and I see no harm in it, as long as this doesn’t give you any unfair advantages.

Hiding the flag in an inaccessible place would be something worth reporting, and what the mage did also gave him an advantage, so it is also not OK as far as I am concerned.

Speaking of exploits, there is a way to disable a workshop in Wintergrasp using a toy. Players will not be able to build vehicles in that workshop as long as the player who placed it lives. I will not specify which one it is because I don’t want to encourage exploiting.

There will always be crafty players who figure this stuff out. The developers should rather fix their game and make exploits like these impossible than punish players who think outside the box.


Ah yea, that’s been out like 10 years.

This exploit is done with a toy from shadowlands, so I doubt it.

Good to know that one, was in a game v Magegod in Gilneas a little while back and by the time I got from Alliance starter gate to the LH flag and was barely half way through capping it, this mage came flying over from the hilltop from mines, and was able to interrupt me capping. I did think “Wow, he got here ultra fast” and just assumed it must have been dragon fruit, although that still didn’t quite seem to add up. Obviously all our team bar me, had gone to WW while all of Horde came directly behind the mage, so we well and truly lost that game. I have no issue with any of it, even said as we were about lose, “Well done their mage, took us out pretty much single handed”

this isnt cheating i know magegød/nakamura, anyway he uses warp grenades, engineering items and various other things to get to these places it isnt exploits since its items useable ingame, an exploit is things from ownedcore etc like teleport hacks.
best mage ever btw.

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Magegod moves very fast with Shadowflame rockets.

I dig his Ice walls. :grin:

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I don’t consider it cheating, we all have access to professions and whatever perks they offer, whether it’s in PVE or PVP. I’ve seen people complain in the past that people were using the Dragonfruit to get places faster but they’re widely available to anyone who wants to spend a tiny bit of honour. Just wish more Horde would start making use of them when I land in an IOC game but instead they just slowly drag their butts up the hill, get wiped then leave the game.

Had to look up Shadowflame Rockets, according to the video I just watched, they are available to everyone else as well so I can only say “Fair play” to anyone that uses the initiative to use them.

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Nothing wrong with Shadowflame rockets.
Just crafted a pair for myself.

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Sucks when it malfunctions but great when it works. I sometimes get to a base so fast that I have to wait 5 seconds for the flag to actually spawn so I can cap it.


I’d like a pizza, hopefully he can deliver it at that speed! :joy:

im no delivery guy i make pizza :3


Old exploit used similar method.

i wonder hwo blizz feel about this, its just a matter of how many ppl rep u? or do they care about stuff like this ?

The most likely situation based on these reports is a potential hot-fix of the zone, by implementing more invisible walls, I highly doubt they’ll ban you by attempting to go all the way to GM Island from a Battleground.

in my experience they do lol

I guess they would have to look at it and decide if what you were doing was malicious or could give you some kind of major advantage.

tbh w/e i hear people complaining about griefing in classic, im like “isn’t distract to make people miss boats, also griefing?”

I guess, but that’s just having some innocent fun. Its not wrecking someone’s day like some other EBG-related activities I won’t mention here.

well, i like to think that u cannot have it both ways… specially when u take into account permabanning people

if baiting people in world to flag and kill them on HC classic is grief, so is using distract

personally i wouldn’t consider eithe rof them griefing, but the community seems to be okay with 1 and not okay with the other which is rly annoying… at least to me