Defy the Odds in Torghast When Eternity's End Arrives

Defy the Odds in Torghast When Eternity's End Arrives

The ever-changing halls of Torghast, Tower of the Damned continue to reveal new Layers and challenges within this foreboding prison, along with a new mode and new rewards.

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Although I’ll probably avoid most of the Torghast additions, because Torghast is horrible.

I will probably try the Jailors Gauntlet at some point for that mount.


Eternity’s End*


Will you have fixed thanatophobia triggering well before you go below 40% hp?

Nice that it gets upgraded but it’s kinda odd lore wise imo. Unless I misunderstood this tier somehow big time.


More Torghast will be really fun. I’m so excited.

This is a very short and almost anti-climatic announcement. :thinking:


that’s how they keep sucking people into this crap … “mounts”

its all they got left to keep player interest lol .


Im actually looking forward to this.

the mount looks cool. what are the requirements for it?

If it’s anything like the Twisting Corridors, my guess is that you’ll have to clear the entire gauntlet and kill all the bosses in order to get the mount.


still have to do that one. yawn xD

Good thing i’ve farmed enough soul ashe/cinders for all my characters’ legendaries so that i can choose to not ever enter torghast again.
But i will enter mage tower when legion timewalking arrives again and try to finish some of the challenges on additional specs/classes because i like its atmosphere while the mechanics are unique and interesting.

I like Torghast. It’s fun to me.

The only thing I hate about this new wing is that it once again, requires you to start from the lowest difficulty and work your way up from there, repeating the same things again and again with higher numbers.

How about you just let me pick the difficulty I want and if I fail, I fail?


This means I’ll find a group and contribute as little as I possibly can while they carry me up the difficulties.

Torghast while something new to wow was not linear designed
at start of expansions when ppl had low ilvl gear was nightmare especially for dps classes when reaching end boss they were taking too much damage and died…while tanks and healers could survive easily
after getting better gear torghast became more a waste of time not challenging anymore especially if you opened talents on box where u took reduced dmg and did more on elite bosses.
it was not fun it was a compleled repetition to get soul ash and cinders for your legendaries
also not intermediate loot drops there even for disenchant or chance to get some upgrade…
Horrible linear boring design…just to take your time and make you come next week so renew subscrition to wow

I will only enter thorgast if i really really need.

No thank you.
I don’t ever want to play that horrible stuff again.

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