Deleo Hostem LF RBG Players!

Hello Everyone,

We are looking for some dedicated RBG members to join our RBG team. Our CR RBG is around 1500+. We only play once a week on Thursday 20:15 - 22:15 ST and we accept players with a switching work schedule, kids and IRL responsibilities. We ask players to have PvP experience 1550+.

We are a group of adults who just want to have a good time and slowly push our rating up. There is zero toxicity, we are relaxed and friendly. We accepting horde and alliance for our RBG group.

You can find us on Guilds of Wow /Deleo-Hostem + a link to our discord.

If you like to join our group, check our discord and #apply-for-rbgteam and sign up for our (RBG) events on discord!

We hope to play with you soon,

Deleo Hostem Staff
Prepared, Aliziana, Nerfthismf and Hadassa
Battlenet: Hadassa#2264 / Discord: Hadassa#1287