Delete Ashran please

I get mostly Ashran in random Epic BGs and I’m sick of it, it’s a horrible BG. I’d be so happy if you got rid of this and Wintergrasp.


4 times in a row now, this is killing me. Bring back blacklisting BGs at least.


Ashran should have been W-PvP area. It does not work as BG. Its confusing mess. If Blizzard wants people to enjoy it Ashran and plenty of other BGs absolutely needs tutorial modes. Because people do nothing else but HK.

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That’s pretty much what it is, a HK grind, I despise it.

Back in the day i loved it, in wod

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Yeah and still feels bad even if you win because ncps are too powerful and everybody spawns near faction boss you want to take down for 250 CP. It never happends. Makes Ashran taste like… Ashran…

I alt f4 whenever I get Ashran or WG. Imagine wanting to enjoy the game, and you have to alt f4 to save yourself an hour+ of pain

I think every bg has the potential to actually be fun. The problem is that PvP is not like what it used to be which is why ashran and wintergrasp is like it is today. Back in the days I had a blast playing those.

Blizzard needs to understand what is fun with pvp and bring it back.

Only time I enjoy Ashran is when I’m a marksman hunter or an arcane mage. Arcanosphere is so fun on that bg lol

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Needs 100% rework and proper graphical indicators on the map and tutorial mode. Its unreal how bad it is.


knowing blizz they’d just hide it forever, but yeah they could’ve made this bg like it was back in wod, current version is meh,was faaaar better back then

I like playing Ashran with my warlock - shadowrift to pull the enemies in is great fun :slight_smile:


I like Ashran the most of all epic BGs.
I would say remove strategy part only. Flights 40x40 are cool!

I hate Trashran too!
Its so boring… Its mid fight all the time.
I like “Isle of Conquest” more, but I get always Trashran…
80% is Trashran, 15% Wintergrasp, 4% Alterac, 1% IoC…

How this stupid “RANDOM” Epic BG queue works?
Its not so random.

I dont know why guys just dont zerg it. Just go to alliance base, swim behind castle. Hunter goes and pulls the boss, tank taunt her, adds reset lady comes out of the castle---->kill her. Only 1 time i had 3 other guys to do this. We got her to 50% before alliance noticed and killed us.

because it’s not easy to manage 30 ppl follow to the enemy base y’know, especially if
1)someone starts to say 1 min before the gates open “we gonna lose this so just give up or let’s end this fast”
2)someone splits raid into many groups for whatever else business

same for wintergrasp, for example, my team can build 16 vehicles but we have 0 atm (and it is around 5 minutes left with no gates damaged or broken and we’re in attack), ppl start to say “lets build 16 and group up”. Imagine people really groupped up with 16 vehicles any time anyone proposed this

no, dont delete ashran pls, its so cool bg, releasing prisoners gives like 450 honor on alliance and farming fragments gives chunk of honor for the weekly, op bg

Delete AV better, this map is just boring af. People usually AFK in the towers or 1.5 hours fight at ally bridge…fk this map. In 80-90% situation i just quit this map, after redesigned to favor ally this map not enjoable.

If you do not like this bg then live.
I like it very much! I have BG which I hate too and I prefer do not play them, but someone else like.
If I hate BG or you it doesn’t mean it should be deleted.

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Ofc cuz its favor ally. If u rush ally on 30-40 sec faster than horde cap their base. If few ally def - impossible to rush for horde thru bridge. When i played merc its 80-90% ally free wins. If even clueless premades against ok-sh pugs - they sit in the last tower + def nearest graveyard and just roflstomp horde pugs.

I rather sit in ashran then sit in normal bgs vs 100% premades.

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