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How Do You Do Fellow Kids?

So I’m an 31yr boomer as you fellow kids like say nowadays :D.
I’ve played this game since vanilla and raided since WOTLK on semi-HC level (only took a break in BFA).
Basically clearing everything on (normal/current HC) and taking a bite into (mythic/old school HC) at different success rates, my raiding peak being MSV and HFC cutting edge.

I’ve manly healed as hpala, but also played other healers and tanked some, during progression. I’m very hefty with WA’s and other addons (have been using em since it was called PA :D) and always try to learn and optimize.

Ideally looking for a long term guild with nice and mature ppl.

Discord: Morfix#9320

Hi dude. If you fancied moving to alliance. I’d love to have a chat with you
Previous CE guild. Currently 8/10M with 3/4 of SLG done prior to a break.
2 Day per week raiding. Wed/Sun

if it interests you, and i’ll get into the finer details.

Hi there, we are looking to bulk out the team for 9.1 Raiding 2 nights a week starting 20.30 ST & our social ranks ( N/H raids/mythic+/fun events etc ) - I see your looking for a guild and so i am reaching out to see if you may be interested. is our discord if u later decide to check us out or talk :slight_smile:

Raids per week: 2 ( Wed/Monday - 20.30-23.30 St )
Playstyle: Mythic raiding
Michelle#2280 my contact

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