Delete outlaw rogue

retarded game breaking class


It somehow looks even more broken in DF with access to so many more abilities lol.


It’s tough to say because this statement applies to every spec in the game basically.

Yes, outlaw, fury, tank specs and similar garbage should be gone from pvp entirely


it just needs more tuning, In general Blizz should focus more on class fantasy/ class playstyle so classes would be more interesting to play/ and BALANCING , some of them would stop being 3 buttons spam machines, and balance would be great ( no rant, as blizz is currently doing good work and taking a step forward, talking about classes )

Solution: make every Class and Spec retardedly game breaking. Game balanced!

Did…did you design Legion?!

No. I designed Cata and MoP. Still best era because gameplay was so good but different in both era’s. Fook everything else really.

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