Delete the 2v2 Bracket

Hot take right here.

2v2 is super imbalanced and yet people tend to play it more (myself included).

I think the consequence of this is:

  1. the imbalance frustrates players and turns them off PvP in arena

  2. the sheer number of people Qing 2s means 3s teams are harder to come by

They already deleted 5v5 (which I still don’t get but hey!). Do the same for 2s and make arena always a 3v3 matchup if that’s what you’re balancing around


People play it more because it’s easier to find 1 person to play with than it is to find 2. Also right now 2s makes rating a lot more achievable. On 2.2k-2.4k in 2s people make mistakes, games feel winnable. In 3s every game at 2.2k and above feels like AWC against teams with perfect sync and clearly on comms.


my hot take is that 3s currently isn’t any more balanced than 2s. also deleting the bracket just cause you don’t like it - no comment


Never said I don’t like it

Just said maybe it’s not healthy for the game

Legit question imo

Might as well delete classic then, because it took many pvpers out of retail?


It’s hard to find 1 friend to struggle in PvP with me, almost impossible to get second friend to play with us .
It’s unbalanced and feels like a lot of classes brutally countering our comp.


The idea is that, with less people only Qing 2s, the burden of finding additional partners would be lessened.

i think ur confused.

Am I confused? They removed 5v5 bracket in Legion, no?

I think 2s is very healthy for the game. It’s the quickest form of competitive action you can get yourself into, even if the meta for 2s generally only reflects those specs who can hit and run.
Despite that, all classes stand a chance to do well in 2s, and generally requires a lot less coordination, unless you play entirely around setups like sub+Hpri.

It’s ‘the’ chill bracket

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To sum up this thread so far:

Better to delete 3s bracket and Classic WoW.

People leaving retail for Classic his actually has been a problem for people who don’t want to play Classic, though. I don’t think the solution should be to delete Classic, but improve the retail experience. Perhaps the same can be said for 3v3 in comparison to 2v2 though, maybe they need to improve the 3v3 experience (greater rewards/incentives for playing it? something else?)

It’s a common complaint that there is an inability for people to find teammates for 3s. There’s a number of posts on these forums saying that most people posting in 3v3 are of the ‘WTS’ variety (i.e. boosters). That’s gross and not fun for anybody. Maybe deleting 2v2 is too drastic, but 3s needs more support to encourage participation (which is really the crux of my post).

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PvE isn’t healthy for the state of pvp. legit question to remove imo

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And who made you the boss sir?

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2v2 is by far the most fun bracket…


hot take, the game has never been balanced, and attempting to balance the game solely around 3v3 actually broke the game for years in every other aspect, also 3v3 is extremely toxic and terrible lfg experience for everyone, if you refuse to have legion system of templates, then fk it, don’t balance the game at all, because the latest 20-30 patches i can think of, didn’t exactly push the game in the right direction, at least for me, as my class is playable only under the conditions that i have Rogue and Healer with high exp voice and that have the patience for me to learn a setup i never liked because its the only enviroment my class gets any invites

don’t believe me ? go on xunamate, and check for ANY ladder, ANY country, on stats, and see where mage sits.


Playing PvP from Wotlk and 2v2 is the only arena I like. 3v3 is sweaty chaotic garbage where casual like me dont even know what is happening. In 2v2 I just take first guy who joins, no matter skill and comp and just have fun without my brain being fried and senses overloaded. So now should I just create topic to delete 3v3 because I personaly consider it garbage?


True, the game was never balanced.

But i bet there was not one expansion- that had a more atrocious pvp than Sl.

Maybe BFA season4? Didnt played bfa at all.

I know nigh rated players can adapt to this 0.5 sec set up burst but for majority of players that are under 2.2k- i dont actualy believe Sl pvp was truly enjoyable.

I would like blizz to revert pvp to strong traits&weak traits like oldschool pvp.

Example: a mage could burst anyone but if a melee conected to the mage he loooses 40-50% of hp because its a glass cannon.

A melee with a lot of burst- lacks defensives or movement.

A melee with constant damage has more utility and less burst.

Make healers not be a dps bot check for 3 sec cds.

I mean they could and should decrease burst damage in arenas by atleast 30_40% in DF.

I mean, im no pro, but if a dk ww connect to my disc i die trough defensive cds like a knife trough butter.

The idea of trade def for of goes is cool, but the damage in Sl its/was just mind numbibgly bad.

Have never played a competitive online game with so much damage ever

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i disagree simply for the fact that even with a healer in cc for 15 seconds a dps doens’t die from mage dps :>

Played like 50 games yesterday. 32 of which had rogues in them. Can we finally have this stupid class nerfed eventually xD

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