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Delete topic 1234567

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normally dont agree with you little Drea but those mounts look awsome!

Wishful thinking, but we will get another pack of dragons.

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I wouldn’t mind dragons as long as it’s a normal dragon model and not some proto drakes or something

I was even hoping for dragons

Something tells me it will be worms with armor… I can feel it :>

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I like these tbh i’d rather have shade dragons but these ones are also unique and not too bad looking.


Was it not specified somewhere that they might be spiders? If not, these look SO, SO GOOD!

Sorry Draex, I can’t find a topic with the ID 1234567. :smirk:

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Haha, I posted a suggestion but then changed my mind about it, so this was my way of deleting / hiding topics since there’s no delete option

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