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Join a guild or community of equally superior peers and stop relying on pugs. It’s your fault for not putting in the effort to find the kind of groups you want.

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Tanks wanting to roll DPS trinkets and PvP players trying to roll tanking ones. BfA gear system 4head.

Fix PvP gearing pls


The way you talk about other players leads me to believe you are about as fun to play with as a 5 year old with a running chainsaw… Still…

Merry Christmas and goodwill to all men and all that.

Sorry. Goodwill to all apes. Did someone urinate in your stocking or something?


and this issue is going to persist in 8.3 with the removal of TF forcing players to participate at already giga aids content to try their chances with the mythic raid gear to remain relevant for that sweet sweet ilvl which is going to be basically only obtainable via raids, especially due to the last 2 bosses giving a +10 ilvl drop. (:

You sound like the kind off player that deserves every negative thing that comes your way.

You really deserve to be participate in Blizzcon arena championship.
Good luck in your future adventures.

I gave up this expac and just stopped playing. I am not a top tier PvPer but I was equally frustrated as you with the gearing system.

I’m right there with you, PVP gearing sucks.

However I don’t understand the need to call others apes and such, just because you do pvp, which is a joke in BFA btw doesn’t mean you’re somehow a gaming god above all others, I bet I could beat you at tetris and Minecraft, does that make you an ape? I’d also show you your place in darksouls / bloodborne… does that make you a pleb? they are arguably way harder than wow.

Welcome to the world of boosting by overinflating the ilvl of playerbase, nowadays to overcome content you overgear it instead of outsmart it.

Probably the best answer, Wow community isn’t as good as it thinks it is / people expect it to be.

You’re lucky, I have to deal with incompetence in all types of content to get any type of gear (I solo play).

I’m talking about those that advertise themselves as experienced and well geared and yet manage to fail the easiest of mechanics they supposedly have experience on and wipe the whole raid / ruin other people’s IDs.

Same with mythic+ basically.


Honestly, you sound like you’re stuck in +10 hell.
+10 hell is that part of the playerbase that really doesn’t do m+ that much, practically only for the 10 key rewards, they dont overgear it and in combo with some inexperience and lack of practice makes every +10 a challenge.

Higher up there’s buttery smooth runs and even when things go slightly wrong, ppl still know what they can get away with and don’t quit after the first mistake. If all 3 do 40k dps you can wipe quite a bit and still make it. If all 3 do such dps you can also not think about edgy high risk tactics (shroud, death runs, excessive pulls, rogue vanish pulls) that can go wrong but just grind your way through, pack by pack.

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