Demo lock dead specc in m+ after nerfs

Nerfs to demo lock going to kill the specc for mythic+, the funny part is they didn’t fix the bugs for demo lock pets for example 3rd boss in - Bonemaw shadowmoon burial grounds your felguard/dreadstalkers dreadbite isn’t hiting the boss once he goes submerge and comes back up your felstorm/dreadbite won’t hit the boss, and also in halls of valor on Odyn after runic brands, you get +50% dmg buff for 30 sec, that only affects the main pet (felguard) and not your other summoned pets like wildimps and dreadstalkers who do most of your damage on single target.

All in all its just sad that they force us to play destruction for mythic+, i don’t mind all 3 speccs having their strengths and weaknesses but only 1 viable specc for 3 seasons in a row is just unjustified, at least fix the bugs that ruins pet specc players.


I was really enjoying Demo in M+ even though it isn’t considered Meta. But as you say i think this will just be another reason to not get invited into PUG’s, as it can already be a struggle. It’s not like moving into 10.1 we will be losing 20% to felstorm from our Tier set, mobility and subsequently damage from losing Instant cast Hand of Gul’dan’s.

Even wow head posted the weekly logs from Wednesday including the 2 days where locks were bugged.

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The nerf is absurd.

Sometimes i think they just throw darts and where it lands they change stuff.

There is no other explanation for such a change.

It’s nonsensical.

They don’t care about M+ that much IMO. It seems nerfs were based on PI buffed Demo performance in Raids.

Wow, if that’s the case, then maybe that should tell them something about not designing abilities like pi.

But it seems the idea, or at least what they told was “to reduce demo multi target profile” Which apparently was too high compared to other dps.

I don’t know wtf they are doing, they probably don’t know themselves.

They’re just throwing stuff around to see what sticks.

Their explanation and nerfs don’t match. They nerfed a decent chunk of Demo’s ST target to nerf its multi-target. And what do exactly they mean by multi-target? 3-4 mobs? 7-8 mobs? Why Implosion wasn’t considered as a nerf?

It feels like they are just throwing darts around and see what sticks. For example I don’t understand why Felguard’s ST was buffed and Tyrant got nerfed (after getting buffed a few times)? Its just… I don’t understand whats going on. There were like 15 different buffs and nerfs to Demo.

They can just be honest about it and say “You know what, we don’t understand sht, so, someone (like Kalamazi) help us out.”. It honestly would help alot.

M+ enviroment is stressful enough (at least for me, i struggle alot getting into keys). When you add random BS like this you just ruin people’s experience and fun.

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It’s almost like they don’t know what they are doing.

To add salt to injury, yesterday i noticed that my pets are dying in Nokhud offensive, the archers just shoot at random targets, and few times it happened to be my dreadstalkers, so there goes big chunk of my aoe, when considering the lvl of the dungeon and fortified affix, this thing doesn’t affect BM hunters’s pets as they are very tanky and usually don’t encounter pet related issues, wish blizzard would get a grip and fix the game for once in their life, the sooner the better, i don’t want to go into season 2 dragonflight with similar or worse issues like this.

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