Demo nerfs are NOT justified

The nerfs to demo are not justified.

You could argue that aff nerfs were justified in st damage, even though the performance was skewed by certain interactions that have been removed.

But for demo? It’s a different story, you’re being crazy blizzard, stop making stupid changes. Seriously it’s getting tiring.


I agree with demo nerfs not being warranted but besides that I’m just so confused by the Darkglare nerf. I don’t even remember the last time Darkglare was actually a good cooldown. They’ve literally JUST buffed it so it was actually decent. Plenty of people didn’t even spec into it before that and played soul rot instead.

Why “rework” Grim Reach and buff Darkglare so it’s actually semi-ok as a cd on single target if you’re going to nerf it again straight away?


No idea, but honestly, darkglare would be far cooler if it procced soul shards.

I have to agree with you guys that that demo nerfs are not justified, since our niche is cleave settings, nerfing it devalues our niche. Since in pure St, affliction and destro are far in front it’s bit of a shame especially when you compare it to other classes who can already do what demo locks do but better. Also the darkglare nerfs need to go, darkglare since the patch has been a “good” cd but not broken or anything close, if they wanted to nerf Grim reach than just reduce the value of grim reach and not darkglare or just going to feel bad to press it and we may go back to not playing it anymore in ST at least.

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Blizzard is terrible and they have no clue why they are losing so many subs…

I wouldn’t go that far, and it’s a bit unrelated to the subject at hand. Just some weird nerfs, but doesn’t mean that Aff and demo are unviable, just the reasoning behind it is a bit lacking, won’t stop me from playing the game and enjoying my class.

Yea but the problem is that these nerfs, especially the demo ones are just nonsensical.

Literally, they don’t make any sense, demo is NOT overperforming at all.

I half-agree with Topperharley there. Nobody likes seeing 15 different changes to their spec in a matter of 6 months. They should not struggle THIS HARD to find a middle-ground in terms of Balance. There are great advances in AI, in 3d modelling, in simulation runs and what not. Possibilities are literally endless. I struggle to understand why they are having this much struggle to balance just a single spec.

Anywho, I am sure this made some people quit the game. In PvP for example the Ret fiasco literally made some people unsub.

You guys don’t seem to realize that that balance decisions are less about performance and more about public opinion.

The nerf did nothing. Stop crying, you’ll live longer.

There are reasons why i put certain people on ignore.

You guys never disappoint, you always manage to entertain me with stupid as hell points.

Yes, the nerfs absolutely did something, and they were nonsense either way.

Sure demo still can perform pretty nicely, but that was beside the point.

They wanted to reduce aoe, even though it was fine, but if they wanted to reduce aoe only then they should have touched implosion, but instead they nerfed skills that also help in st damage. Which was exactly the justification for the buffs in the first place.

The ignore button for me, it’s not like a mute, i treat it as a way to remind me of “yea, it’s one of those guys” But i will still read your comment, and so far my judgement has been usually spot on.

They just keep saying stupid trash, and never stop.

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