Demon hunter glyph

can i use glyph of crackling flame on havoc ?

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Yep, assuming you pick the talent.

which talent should i pick

Immolation Aura, it’s on the second tier of talents.

i picked it but when i try to use the glyph it says i cant use it on havoc spec

Huh. I’m pretty sure I’ve used it in the past (don’t any more because I’ve got the green flamey warglaives) and I’ve only ever played Havoc :\

okay mate thanks for the info i will try again

As far as I know, players cannot use glyphs in order to customize talents.
Immolation Aura’ is a Havoc talent, not a base ability therefor you shouldn’t be able to apply it.

You can apply the glyph to Vengeance Demon Hunter if you want.

I give you an example: back then ‘Wraith Walk’ was a base Death Knight ability, in Legion Blizzard added three glyphs; with Bfa Wraith Walk became a talent and I cannot apply the glyph anymore.


Wow that’s crap.

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