Demon hunter is the end of pvp in wow retail

I warn anyone who play any class other than demon hunter that they don’t have to deal with this incredibly huge imbalance since demon hunter is the easiest and strongest class in game therefore if ur playing pvp and ur not a demon hunter u are probably going a lot of trouble and u are wasting urself for having to deal with this since this is no different than cheating so i encourage you to not play this game if ur not playing a demon hunter or if the demon hunters get 2000000000% nerfed and most of their spells removed then maybe the pvp would be playable again. don’t let some 11-21 yr old imbecil cockroach who has 0 skills and would probably die if they didn’t had a stupid parent to pay for their living get in front of u just because the developers of this game is a failure.

You can find the PvP rankings here:

Also there are leaderboards for 2v2 and 10v10. None of them features any excess of DHs.

I don’t even see complaints about DHs in the general PvP forums

which is amazing, since the PvP forums specialise in explaining why every other class is OP compared to my class.

So maybe bring some data if you want to convince people?

Or they could just roll DH, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

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