Demon Hunter spell bug, chats mixing together and more

So I logged in today and tried the new event, it’s okay I guess if you want to do something else, but this isn’t about the event but the update itself.
I logged on my DH, went to timeless isles and waited for Huolon, menawhile saw a rogue prowling around (I’m in WM off) but wanted to check where he is and uses Spectral Sight, what happened next threw my off completely. My game froze, had to alt+f4, when logged in I thought to myself, it had to be some one time bug, right? So I tried again, and guess what? It froze again and had to alt + f4. Went back to Val, tried this again, it froze, but didn’t have to turn it off. Spoke to several people, they had same issues.
Not speaking about Trade and Services chat tabs mixing together with rest of tabs, like Guild tab.

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