Demon hunters, rogues, warlocks and fury warriors need healing adressed

Warlock is the least mobile class in the game. We need that survivability. In not complaining that a melee can touch me, either in SL they could deny my complete setup.

But in df we have the survivability to deal our dmg, so it is fair.

Youre not the least mobile class.

Aff dmg + self sustain (absorbs, heals) is busted, needs a severe nerf.

I get the feeling that youre basing your arguments on you getting run down by demon hunters.

Demo lock dmg is really strong too and it has an obnoxious amount of cc. Maybe use that to get your dmg off.

Lock has sooo many tools and other classes cant compete at all with that and on top of that its also almost immortal

you know shadowpriests?

I never said demo is weak…

Great one of the first that is doing it right, it is not warlock in general that has busted selfheal. It is only affliction, thank you.

Yes they have more mobility than us, because the cd is shorter.

You still don’t have him on ignore? The reading becomes a lot more enjoyable :rofl:

Are you serious? Unless you want to count feather and body&soul as mobility I’m curious about what you mean.

Lock has one of the best mobility in game, what are you talking about, the instant gate takes you so far, that most classes wont be able to catch you, + port with 50% increased movement speed and immune by slows and roots.

Besides that, you have spammable fears, multiple stuns, coil, and extremely strong defensives and heals, immunity to interrupts, that all kinda adds to mobility, by the time they can go you again after all the CC’s, or being able to do damage cuz defs ran out, ur port is ready again, soon after, gate will be ready again,
maybe watch some good locks play in arena, some can barely be touched.


doesn’t help against anything in particular. running with 100% speed at someone 40y away will just get you killed. Ghost wolf also doesn’t work against roots.

Ghost wolf is good to get around indoors or trying to run away when you are already at almost max range of the opponent. Ghost wolf is terrible at engaging people. And Feral lunge it the worst crap ever invented that they call a gap closer lol

Warlocks mobility is terrible in BGs and only good for defensive purposes and is one of the reason i dislike to play warlock.
In arena, where you can setup your mobility, it is actually quite decent and very strong if you know how to use it to bring mongo dds into bad positioning.

well, you don’t have to though.

don’t even mention hunter lol.
DK has no mobility either.
Point is that they will use all their mobility to chase the warlock and then stuck at the enemies pillar without escape. That is why warlock mobility is considered strong, not because you can kite melees to infinity.
Another reason is of course you can port behind a pillar on every GO and many gapclosers cannot follow behind pillars.

spamable cc is indeed very strong. You can rotate it on the whole team freely how you want. Most melees have stuns and MAYBE another CC that is on a high cd. You hardly can cross cc or peel well.

Pact is making you immortal and has a 45s cd. Kinda busted?
UR is not the issue here.
HP cost are hardly a problem if your selfhealing is so crazy. that you heal it back before the shield even breaks.

Do you even know how enhance self-healing works?
In certain conditions it is a lay on hands, yes. You sacrifice all your dmg.
If you are not in melee range, you do not get msw at all and even that is rng.
And even if, you would be oom after 4 casts.

Why a WL is allowed to survive 2 melees for 15s with Dark pact? You also didn’t use wall.
Logic much.
Also if you catch the enhance without wall in a stun, he dies in 3 seconds. If you don’t stun him and he does not have msw available, he also dies in 3 seconds.

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how did we get to the point to comparing enh with lock defensive? anyone with 1.5 brain cells can see that lock defensive toolkit is a billion times stronger than enhance. Its not even in the same universe


Which of the classes in my title are hybrids? None

Notice how i didnt mention enhance even tho it outheals all of them

That alone is very helpful for me to no longer engage in a conversation with you. If you don’t know how a spec or class works; try not to about it. That is embrassing.

Show a single instance of that happening. I am watching Maldiva atm; the Assa Rogue he is facing ripped through the pact in literally 2.5 seconds. ALONE.

Why would you wanna DPS if you are in a position where you would like to spend your MSWs for healing?

Honestly you sound like a guy that just plays BGs. Pretty clueless in the way you are talking within context of ranked arena.

First instant gateway is a Shard and you can’t use it more than every 1.5 min.
Second the range is 40 yards only with pvp Talent it is 70. Demo can’t pick this talent… because someone stupid thought it is better that warlock have no silence in the class tree.

Again a Shard is required and 30 seconds cd, most gap closer have a shorter cd.

They should have nerfed the cdr Talent not Dark Pact itself

Warrior self healing is completely balanced. We have only 1 viable defensive which is enraged regen and the only way you can heal with it is by hitting. it is super easy to counter and has a 2 min cooldown compared to warlock passive healing and gazillion defensives that dk’s have.

Shards are super easy to get, it’s almost not worth mentioning.

Still it is a requirement, so it is not always available.

Warlock is only good with survivability in arena but the downside is, everyone knows before you use it where you gonna be. So what player try do be neat those points when they put pressure on the lock.

Warlock needs more survivability, limited mobility paired with slow movement and most cast time in the game needs that.

But atm they have way too much suvivability, it’s kinda insane when you see 4-5 ppl fight a lock and it doesnt die instantly, it actually survives, that’s just to to much.

nah you cant be serious right now :clown_face: :clown_face:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

did you ever look at your own dmg breakdown? demo rarely needs to cast to get dmg off and has two schools of magic so getting kicked isnt even a big deal.

hes actually really funny he is literally peak delusional. Still not sure if he is trolling or not.

all caster should have def like lock its just melee players smashing their keyboard wanna faceroll all caster so ez with no counterplay learn the game dude

I genuinely hope he’s a young kid or something because it’s just sad at this point.

No they don’t, this is what we should have from the start.

Clip it or it didn’t happen. Then remember in a random bg you could have a full gear lock against 4-5 fresh 70. Yes this is a big advantage for the lock. So nothing special about this.

With this i meant the DF survivability.

Only with a pvp Talent, without it dreadstalker had a cast time, Tyrant has cast time, fear cast time. Gateway without soulburn cast time.
Destruction Soul Fire, Chaos Bolt incinerate, Channel Demomfire want more?

Shadowflame which locks me on everything and shadow which locks 90% of my spells… wow

I tired to explain to you how to best a demo, nobody listening because you don’t know where dmg comes from.