Demon hunters, rogues, warlocks and fury warriors need healing adressed

These classes selfhealing is out of control.
They were all higher priority on the selfhealing nerf than death knight which got singled out and had their selfhealing effectively removed.
None of them are sacrificing any damage or uptime to do their healing either. Death knight has to use every third or second global to heal. When they go in selfhealing mode, they will not put kill pressure on anyone.
Rogue heals passively while bursting.

It is a mindblowing change.



Please stop with the crying, poor poor mr death Knight

It’s not crying it’s just what reality is.
The problem isn’t the DK nerf, it’s the DK nerf absent of DH, warrior, rogue and warlock healing nerfs.


Warlock already got nerfed two times, get it right. It is only affliction that is still outhealing everything.

and its not enough.

By your logic demon hunter is also fine because it also got nerfed twice already


Depends on how strong the nerf was. Warlock got a 50% nerf, which is enough. DH only got like 5% nerf, definitely not enough.

Warlock is fine except Affliction, but then they need to nerf Drain Life talents, not overall warlock. Destruction and Demo are already behind Affliction in my opinion.

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Only Aff needs healing nerf. Even that is questionable because Aff does not usually have access to Soul Link.

DH, Enchance and others 2x-3x Demo and Dest in self-healing.

Wait what? Every spec has access to soul link. And all talents around it.

people only talk about self healing because this is all they see in details. And often times its the only thing blizzard devs look at aswell.

This mindset got hybrid offhealing in Shadowlands nerfed many times but at the same time 20 sec evasion of outlaw stayed the way it was for a very long time.

Nerfing selfhealing and not taking into account that hybrid offhealing is a major part of hybrids defensives is a bad take. Enhance and Ret for example rely heavily on it.

If we are talking about self healing we also need to talk about self sustain and overall passive tankiness, CC and Mobility.

So if a warlock is saying that enhance self healing is too strong by directly comparing it to warlocks’ self healing is completely ignoring the fact that Warlock has better Mobility, more CC and stronger defensives besides self healing.

Yes, DK nerfs are significant, maybe too much. I dont know. But DK also has Will of the Necropolis, which reduces all incoming damage by 35% below 30% HP. Thats something…

Do I think dps specs are too tanky? Some, yes.
Should self healing be the only thing that is being adressed when talking about defensive nerfs? Definitely not

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That’s wrong, shaman has the wolf form, which he can use on demand. We setup our mobility and can’t use them on demand every time.

Aff plays with GoSac in PvP.

yea thats not wrong, you even have instant gate

First of all; Warlock’s mobility is either on par with other classes or worse. A Fury ,DH, WW, Mage, Evoker, DK, Hunter etc. will have no issue with Warlock’s mobility either while chasing or running away.

In terms of CC; Its just coil + fear. We have stun on Demo as an extra. And keep in mind that both Coil AND Shadowfury are dispellable magic stuns like HoJ.

As for the defensives; its Pact + UR. Thats all? You are talking as if the class has 10 different defensives. Dark Pact got heavily nerfed and it is affected by dampening too. 3-4 minutes in to the game and its not gonna give you much shield to work with, not to mention, it costs 20% of your HP; regardless of the shield it gives you. Its literally a bad idea to use it in high dampening.

Yes, enhance self-healing is busted. Do you know why? If a spec is able to live without a healer for 10 seconds straight with 2 DPS on him with no wall up; thats too much healing. Thats what Ret had in SL S1, thats what Enhance has now.

DH is worse because the ST DPS with the mobility he has is just absolutely insane. Imagine a spec doing the DPS Aff does on 3 targets on ST with like what; 85% uptime? Thats just broken. I honestly feel bad for the healers that have a DH on them.

Yeah every 1.5 min usable… great instant gate…

You can still play with Soul Link? You get more hp.

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and a 30 sec port…

Which is not as useful as Soul Link.

Wow every melee just comes at us again, the survivability is fair!

Still useful HS it’s based on max hp, soulburn strain Life shield also.

Yeah, thats why i said “not as useful as Soul Link” instead of useless.

You’re not meant to perma kite. Warlocks way of kiting functions so that they get enough breathing room for their healers to top them, thats why they got so much tankiness to tank melees facefirst until they pop big CDs, unlike a Mage, which should need to kite far more than a Lock.

Hence they have;

  1. Blink (that removes stun) or 2x Blink,
  2. Alter Time (that resets Blink’s CD)
  3. Blast Wave,
  4. RoF,
  5. Frost Nova (2x if talented),
  6. Dragon’s Breath,
  7. Displacement,
  8. Tempest Barrier.