Demon Hunters who consume the heart of a Shivarra - Do they get extra arms?

So reading about Demon Hunters, I discovered that Demon Hunters mutate when consuming the heart of a demon. Does that mean the features of the demon they consumed or the general features like horns, claws, scales, etc, or is it so that if you consume a Succubus for example, that you mutate and gain wings, a tail, horns and hooves? And a Shivarra, would they give the Demon Hunter extra arms?

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I’m sure there’s people here who know more about this than I do, but from what I’ve seen in-game, and in Warcraft stories/books, I would say no (to the “extreme” mutations mentioned).

I don’t remember where I read or heard this, but I think they can get mental traits from the specific (type of) demon whose heart and essence they consume.


Imp → mischievous?
Succubus → flirty?
Felhunter → animalistic/bestial?


The “normal” mutations, like horns and scales, I read somewhere, come from a combination of how long you have been a demon hunter (using demonic powers), and how much you have used those powers.

If you mainly fight melee, just enjoying the demonic extra stamina and strength,
I suppose it should take quite some time (years? Decades? More? I don’t know) to grow scales and big Illidan horns.

On the other hand, if you go all out demonic powerhouse, using all those fel - and demonic spells (and consuming even more demonic essence to “recharge” your demonic powers),
I think the mutations would happen sooner; maybe in just a year, or a few years…?

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I would totally be ok with that :smiley:


as i want hunted gold mine from wc3 in wow for nostalgia purpose,yes some people love the small details

You can take whatever features you like. It’s your character. :slight_smile:

My Demon Hunter ate the heart of a Felsteed, which increases her speed, gives her visions, but makes her arrogant and distant a lot. She also dislikes warlocks a lot because… those are the people who turned the noble horses into cursed Felsteeds.

You can think about physical features, but there are also psychic features you can think about.

But like I said, it’s your character. Do whatever you like, so long you don’t offend other RPers with it :smiley:

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Based on the Illidan novel a DH in training will fight the demon that hurt them. In the novel it’s a felhunter that killed the family of this nelf and he ate the fel hunters heart, though it does not specifiy any specific traits the DH got from the felhunter.


I love seeing how creative DH players can be with their characters and what kind of demon they consumed, the artwork people do is so cool. I think lore wise anything is possible, right?

I find this whole various demon thing confusing.

The base demon type for an aspiring Demon Hunter is a Felhound or Felhunter. Depends on how they are called. And it is not without a reason. Those Hound Demons are blind and they sense their targets using other senses which serves Demon Hunters quite well since most of them go blind aswell. They especially are very sensitive to the magic energies.

Fusing with other demons like Sayaads, Mo’args even Eredars seems absolutely pointless to me. They are no hunting demons. Have no skills toward this. So how the hell a Demon Hunter is supposed to hunt Demons if the Demon they consumed is completely useless in that regard?

I don’t think we would, maybe the demon form would change a bit as in my eyes our demon form should depend on the demon we bonded with.

For example my toon by her lore doesn’t have wings as her demon didn’t have either. So yes, she can’t glide officially :smiley:

The major physical mutation demon hunters go through, is after their initiation ritual, and the results of the mutation can be quite varied. Some get scales, claws, some might get tails. Demonic corruption can be quite unpredictable.
The physical mutations aren’t really connected to which demon they slew in their ritual, but more a result of extreme fel corruption. When it comes to mental alterations, they do start hearing the demon speak inside their mind, but the Illidan novel isn’t too clear on whether that’s the actual demon, or simply a part of the hunter that has turned demonic.

Basically, go wild when it comes to what mutations your demon hunter has. Just because the hunter ate a succubus heart, it doesn’t mean they will grow a tail, but it doesn’t mean they won’t either.

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