Derp of Derp facepalm

Was a post about a guild but after toxic old GM gone out of way to drag my name in mud after a left without prompt, which was wrong. Don’t feel like playing anymore. Enjoy the read

Be warned about this guy. Joined us for a few weeks, barely raided, carried to all 4 mythic kills with single digit grey parses then left without saying a word. We’re a relaxed, IRL/family first guild and gave him plenty of chances and opportunities to prove himself with no drama. Repaid by a childish disappearing act. /PSA

While I can’t deny most of the above, expect the poster calling me childish and then hunting down my forum to flame. Also claims barely raided, which is also a lie. Missed one raid after giving notice the day before that may happen, was benched but available on call for any other raid missed?..

I left while on trial still after not performing to a level I thought acceptable myself and expressed this to above. Transferred to this realm and guild specially; wasn’t a good fit in end. Guild had been actively recruiting replacements (or so seemed) and I had been rotated out. Didn’t see a need to alter them to my intentions.

I accept I should have at least sent a message but as stated above and reading own posters comments I clearly won’t be missed. And also quite clearly passive aggressive that felt the need to try and screw over another player because they didn’t fit in their guild…

And to clarify I do not claim to be a top logger or parser, I am simply a family guy who spends 1/20th of a time to the poster above and likes to raid if I can. Simples. I can not and will not spend all day on WoW optimising my class.

Thank you for reading.

I didn’t call you childish, I called the way you left childish. That’s undisputable imo. And I didn’t seek you out, I stumbled accross your post while looking for your replacement and thought “ooh could be worth talking to”… then saw the disc handle :slight_smile:

Not out to screw you over, nor be passive aggressive. Just alerting other ppl recruiting that you didn’t even attempt to talk through anything with me or the guild and just disappeared overnight after getting a carry through heroic and then a carry to your 4/9. I’d certainly want to know about it when considering someone.

Rotating for farm kills is obviously common practice. I made sure you were active each week and you definitely weren’t pushed out or replaced. You were slated to raid this week but then bailed with 30 mins notice. Also you expressed concerns about your performance but didn’t make the effort to come to our heroic clears despite being undergeared and experienced (i also count them as raids) :wink:

All the best anyway. I honestly hope you find somewhere that better fits your needs and do them the courtesy of at least saying bye if/when you leave :v:t2:

Well I do agree that I should have taken time to let my intentions know now but as stated above. Did not see a need at time due to active recruitment which seemed like a replacement for myself, which I wouldn’t of argued at given at some of my performances.

Your claim to stumble across my forum in search of a replacement and only then proceed to post a flaming remark is also questionable but okay.

Also the continued claim about being carried is also a passive aggressive remark as this is an opinion. While I 100% agree that some of my logs and performances were not perfect the claim of being carried when I was in for Opulence progression and the progress kill with a respectable performance.

Next your claim about not attending or make any effort to attend an optional Sunday raid, when I made perfectly clear when I joined that Sunday is not a raid day for me due to real life commintments, something I assumed a man with children understood but hey ho. And in regards to the bailing 30 minutes before raid, you were notified a day in advance that this may happen and it did. I’m afraid life is unexpected.

I do thank you very much for your time and guidance. Very thorough and extremely fantastic raid leader and all round great player. But I can’t let your slander go unanswered for anyone who read this forum. Nothing personal against you or anyone in that guild. It just wasn’t a fit for me.

Good luck in your race for CE

Surely it would have been much easier and safer to discuss things than to make (faulty) assumptions :slight_smile: We had an open dialogue up until 2 days ago so this unexplained departure was very unexpected. Regardless, if you hadn’t snuck out and blocked me I would have discussed this with you privately rather than this playing out on the forums.

If you’d discussed this with me at all, you feeling the need to leave at your own (financial) expense could have been avoided. You were not being pushed out and were still being given a raid spot, as you’re well aware. You still haven’t explained why we went from being the “perfect fit” to “not the right fit” overnight other than your own performance, which we were being patient with. If you’d taken literally 2 minutes to explain why you felt we were no longer a good fit for you so I understood it and could relay it to the rest of the team I may not have felt the need to post here.

Sadly, people abusing mid-tier guilds by trialling, picking up a few kills then guild-hopping to the next place is all too common and when you disappear with no explanation and close down all comms, what other opinion do you expect to leave?

As I said though, this was intended as a genuine “be advised” to other recruiters (not the flaming you seem to view it as). Responding to statements of fact by calling people passive aggressive and slanderous is probably closer to the accepted definition of flaming…

WRT my slanderous, passive aggressive opinions (:smiley:) - the definition of a carry may be somewhat open to interpretation but relative performance to the rest of the team is not. On Opulence you were personally responsible for a good chunk of our wipe count through failing simple mechanics and your performance on kill was a couple of thousand DPS over our tanks. On your Jadefire and Grong kills you died through personal mistakes and contributed less than the tanks. Not flaming; facts. And despite these facts we continued your trial, discussed these with you and how to improve, and offered you the opportunities to do so, including our last raid.

In terms of your prior warning about “missing” the raid, you actually said that you may be “a little bit late logging” if your guests didn’t leave on time but that it was unlikely… you then messaged right before raid to say I should replace you for the whole night.

Again, not flaming, I just feel obliged to support my “opinions” given you opted to rebuke them by implying I was being dishonest/slanderous/whatever. I was originally only offering up what I consider to be valuable information to the raiding community about a member of it who I feel acted discourteously and immaturely despite being treated fairly and patiently.

I’ll leave it at that. GL with life on Silvermoon and all the best.

Well as to (faulty) assumptions, I did not sneak out or block anyone. My privacy setting on Discord are set to not receive messages from people unknown. A setting I believe you also have as when I attempted to message after your first post on my forum I was also greeted with.

As I said, it was a mistake on my part not to open the dialogue about leaving but I have already stated my reason above and even though I realise my mistake now, nothing can be changed on that regard. The fit did feel perfect on paper but could spend waste another forum trying to explain my mind on it. Nothing vs the team or personal or indeed anything against the guild at all, It just simpply didn’t fit/click for me?

Sadly, that is true and I would agree with you if I was simply using my experience to hop into a better more progressed team but if you had in fact taken the time to read my post before posting you’d see that I was simply looking for a casual/part time role… The fact I stated my progression as 4/9 is simply because that is my progression.

Well I’m sure if anyone is reading this and I’m sure you’ve already probably scared one or two any way by taking the time to write your post that is flaming in my book.

Also your claim to be responsible for a good chunk of the wipes is completely flaming and incorrect as I do believe I died a fair few times and was then warned by yourself about being replaced but then pulled it together and you in fact replaced a different member who was failing, my DPS was also low because I was ordered by yourself to die to coin show due to unavailable CD’s. Jadefire, death from one Multiside strike which so happened to be the kill after wiping a couple times due to other members dying to it. Also your statements in regard to Grong are completely incorrect but what’s the point in even getting into it. While I agree again that my performance weren’t to the standard I would think anyone capable of reading logs.

In regards to the missing raid, as already stated you were warned a day in advance, I then proceed to say I would be late as I was only penned in for the first three bosses (30/40 mins of time) I suggested it would be simpler to replace me.

I too shall leave at that as while I do agree, I could and should have handled it all better and hold my hand up, as I did with any one of my under performances. I do think your blatant attempt at trying to smear my name is quite frankly half laughable and then half disturbing. Also if you intentions were solely to give you opinion of my leaving without a word you could have simply said it, instead you bought my game play and skill into the discussion and slander me. That is why I respond and I am sure I will get another reply from you about it even more.

Good luck.

We were actually friends on disc which bypasses that setting, but you removed me. Battlenet also doesn’t have that feature either where you also removed me. Without a word.

As far as going out of my way to discuss your performance, I actually wasn’t. Feel free to reread my messages, hopefully you’ll see that. All I did was offer supporting facts after you effectively said I was lying and/or incorrect. Which you’re doing again now. So here’s some more:

On Opulence prog you were the worst “offender” for early, avoidable deaths (by a good margin) - it’s not flaming or incorrect. The only reason you were not replaced earlier on progress was because of what you said to me about how being singled out makes you perform worse; I was attempting to give you a fair trial and be supportive. You died to coinshower 7s before kill on an 8m 45s fight so that is not why you performed as you did.

On Grong you died to ticking damage with your personal and healthpot available.

There’s no spite here, I only elaborated after you said I was lying and wrong. Logs are public, facts are facts; these aren’t slanderous opinions so stop implying otherwise.

Being told that the day before that someone “may be a little late logging for raid” is very different to “I won’t be on, replace me” [paraphrased] right before raid. I would have expected someone with extensive experience of being an officer to appreciate that.

Leveraging the progress you got with (from) us… even going so far as to include it in the title of your post as a headline… certainly seems to indicate you’re using it your advantage to help you find your next guild, regardless of what their prog is. Ultimately it’ll factor into people’s recruitment decisions. I don’t feel I’m out of line offering some colour to “your” progress given the circumstances.

I’m not out to stop you joining another guild, nor to slander you, and I didn’t originally go into any specifics. I only posted here as a warning to other unfortunate recruiters about your behaviour as I feel it’s relevant. As I did with progress not being representative of your personal performance. You prompted the elaboration by accusing me of dishonesty.

The irony of you repeatedly framing me as dishonest makes me chuckle. We spoke a few days ago when I asked if everything was alright as you hadn’t been online much. You lied and said you’d been incredibly busy with work but were still keen to raid when in fact I can see now that you’ve actually been incredibly busy gearing, raiding and running keys on your warrior in prep for your secret escape :wink:… just be an adult and be straight with people!

At this point I’ve given your leaving WAY more thought, consideration and emotion than is warranted given you gave us literally zero of the same. Next time a guild goes to the effort to recruit you, trial you (and support you whilst underperforming on said trial) and make an effort to integrate you into their community I genuinely hope you’ll give that a second thought before strolling off without a care.


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