Describe the Above Poster in 5 Words or Less #5

The last thread was finished by myself on Shang Lao, posting towards Nakitaa ...

"Horns, hooves, cookies and cleavage!"

... so describe on! Feel free to do either Cathríon or Shang Lao, I'd just feel odd posting a new thread on anyone but her!
Master of the chestnut goatee
Maybe dead but quite kind
Short and possibly adorable

'princess' of the void touched

Proud of what she is.
Red Defias Bandana Nostalgia Enducing!
Marauding Moustache of Mystery!
Ample Bosom of Argus!
Crouching hammer, hidden bosom.
Sneaky void bird
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Unkillable selfrightious bubble hugging coward.
Obviously envious.
Dick, dick, dick, dick, dick!

What? Those five words contain everything that needs to be said about Harlan! Ugh, fine, here's a few more ...

The epitome of an Alteraci.

A shaven head, or bald?!

Possibly a sensitive soul inside …

… okay, the last one was a joke. He's a dick. >8O
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Mamah' Tizz.

Prays for our souls.

Has unquestionable sanity.
Blondes has more fun?

Goblin goodness (calendar)-poster girl.

Goldybash #1 fan.
Short Imposing Redhead Flat Chest
Brings Her Own Party Horns
She's a pretty good cook.
Quite funny, chatty Nightborne mage.
Totally Into Nightborne Void Elf
How dark can you go?