Destroy Overwolf and make your own Addon Manager

There’s a mount?..Shut up and take my money!


You have a good post but go ahead be an edgelord and use terms like you are just find it very distasteful the context you are using but if you see no harm or wrong knock yourself out .


Sorry - got the wrong ailment there for a second. It’s coldsores, so that’s… what, herpes?

Correct…Herpes simplex.


Lovely. Way way away from the point, but I’m glad we nailed that down.

We went from a treatable STD to an ailment for which there is no cure. Good sh*t.

I saw what you wrote before you did the edit if you want to carry on with that attitude then so be it .There is a far better thread here

That has mature and constructive feedback

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In his mind under the tinfoil hat where he thinks that our personal data is not completely worthless. He is right about the advertisements, but i used this program for a long time and the ads are barely noticable because they are muted and placed in a way that its not hiding anything. Lot of people used this program with no issues for years, but now people needed something new to hate this week.

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The word you’re looking for is “mistake” - those do in fact happen. And the reality, regardless, is incurable.

Edit: This asides, you’re nitpicking. The point I was making - which still stands - is that this is a corporate move which will inevitably bite us all in a tender place. Maybe focus on that, ye.

Jeff Bezos didn’t become a multi-billionaire, by selling books and dvds online, an enormous chunk of the value of online services, is indeed your personal data… just saying.


Yes, but Amazon use it for their own needs, they dont sell it on. You can also delete it.

It’s funny, I’ve told them not to record my browsing and use my buying history and they struggle to recommend stuff to me!

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I didn’t meant that it can’t be selled, but that they sell it and then what? It wouldn’t affect 99% of the population in any way because our personal data is completely worthless.

That’s why i always have to smile when someone is worried about his/her personal data, like… don’t worry, we are not that important and our data is not that interesting,

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Vast numbers of Third party companies, sell through Amazon… Amazon keeps all the data, this means it can sell data products based on analytics… it also means it can launch competitor products based on its analytics of its commercial partners’ sales (Wall Street Journal).

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In a data valuation context, an Income Approach measures the incremental cash flows, which the use cases are expected to generate.

These incremental cash flows are derived from a comparison of the
organisation’s cash flows ‘with’ and ‘without’ the data.

With the data, the incremental cash flows could be in the form
of incremental revenue, decreased costs, or both.

  • ‘Putting a Value On Data’ - PWC (PriceWaterhouseCooper)

Was already updating addons manually anyway , this only means I will continue to do so. Overwolf can keep taking private informations from others if players decide it’s fine to them but not mine.


If ya’ll looking for an alternative, Minion is pretty good. But yeah, it would be pretty cool if Blizz just made their own. I have no problem keeping all my eggs in the one basket.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Minion Wowinsider’s own manager and hence you’ll only be able to install their own maintained addons and none from other sources?

I honestly have no idea, but I can confirm that not every addon is available within Minion. The ones I do use are, so I’m not too worried.

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Ah well, sure enough I could at least install about a third of the ones I use from there.

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I used to use WowMatrix … but since I don’t use many Add-ons, I now go manual.

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Already have a manual addon manager, Overwolf sounds very sus.