Overwolf & Blizzard Addon Policy

so reading up on the latest news on this dumpster fire of a purchase it seems as if Overwolf, the notorious adware company that bought Curseforge is now going to cut off the API of any other addon manager on the market effectively forcing you to download manually, or use Overwolf.

their ‘‘reasoning’’ behind this is that they want to effectively paywall the addons to ‘’’’’’‘support’’’’’’’ the addon developers monetarily while still taking 30% of the revenue themselves

since blizzards addon policy clearly states Addons MUST be free of charge, and cannot solicit donations or advertiesements Overwolf is basically going around this by trying to monopolise the entirety of Addon websites and managers to either force you to pay via their subscription, have bloated adware on your computer, or manually download and upkeep sometimes upwards of 100 addons

how is this allowed? when is blizzard going to just make their own integrated addon manager? its so tiresome having to deal with companies like this


Wait wait wait, so WoWUp and similar managers are going to be cut off?


yes, they are going to cut off API access to managers like wowup


Well. Sh!t. Guess it’s back to downloading manually then - no way in hell I’m signing up for Overwolf’s terms of use.


Is there a statement that was put out where this comes from?


More info


Manual install it is.


Thankfully, most addons I use are also on GitHub and WoWInterface, so I’ll continue using WoWUp, and just install my addons from another source.


Also we shoud not forget that Overwolf selling users data. So you are paying for access to addons by “currency” that is your personal information.


So, it is the classical marketing - if something is free, you are the product :smiley:


I really hope that add-on creators leave curseforge. This is outrageous. Or even better would be a workshop type place facillitated by Blizzard themselves.


But your personal information is worth more and that is hard to evaluate the value.

Technicalities. The AddOns themselves are still free of charge. Their distribution comes with a price (ads or a paid account to remove them).

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i get why it’s allowed it just seems so scummy

Addons cannot promote payments or advertisemens themselves -> Overwolf just buys up the entire market and forces all independent enthusiast platforms out -> Locks the API so no one else can use it to download addons in one place

So Overwolf can just pay to basically destroy years of community enthusiasm for addons, and now FORCE players back to either 1. spend hours each week managing addons manually, or 2. indirectly pay them money for a service that has been free for a decade

It’s beyond toxic


They just try to maneuver in the field of linguistic phrases and understatements in regulations. This is very shady.


I will not install Overwolf, and it says a lot about how bad their reputation is that they feel they have to force people into it.

According to one of the replies to the wowhead article

Overwolf has already contacted WoWUp and said if the Lead Dev does not integrate with Overwolf they will revoke API access.


Yup, it is scummy. Best we can do is boycott Overwolf so they don’t get their money’s worth, and hope that AddOn authors do the same and move elsewhere.


True, true :confused:

It is just … I would say that addons are used by majority and the ones with most impact should be already implemented in wow UI. It was just a matter of time when someone tries somehow to monetize it.

Blizzard does what blizzard does, it is not their problem that some people can do it 10x times better. :confused: But what you suggest would be lovely. Just a simple ticket to blizzcon and some merch stuff for creators of addons. It would be + karma and everybody would appreciate it.