Details update - split dps for myself and pet [FIXED]

How do I merge the two bars together as it was before the update?

Untick “Seperate Pet DPS” in the Immersion part of settings.

I’ve been looking for a fix too.

Ever since 10.2 hit, my pet and myself show separately. I’ve looked all over the internet, also tried ChatGPT-4, nothing has been able to help me :smiley:

Of course, I’ve unclicked the setting under “Immersion” (it has never been “on” for me, yet I tried turning it on and back off).

Nothing so far. I have the newest Details from a few hours ago.

Let me know if you find a solution


flag and unflag “show pets when solo” in immersion

Are you using the latest version, when I logged in on Wednesday I had this issue, however I updated it yesterday, unticked the setting and now it seems fine.

Guys, thanks for the suggestion. However, the addon is screwed. Tick/Untick - it doesn’t make it merge the dps and I have the latest version installed. I guess the implementation is sub-par and we need to wait for a better one.

LE: New addon update - issue fixed, works as intended.

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