Deteriorated Construct Core Drop Rate

So I’ve been farming the Trinket from Upper Karazhan for DAYS on end now. Somewhere between 30-40 runs now and I have had every other item but ANY of the two trinkets drop.
I’m not sure what the drop rate but it has to be close to nonexistent as almost every other person I’ve talked to that’s been farming it simply gave up at some point. You have taken a place I have so many fond memories off and made me absolutely hate it. I never wanna set another foot in Karazhan, but if I want to stay competitive I’m gonna have to as this trinket is the one that sims the highest in m+ scenarios. I have been doing Karazhan almost exclusively since I decided to go for the trinket an no other content/m+. Is this really how you intend for things to be? Make people loathe the game in pursuit of the best items? If it was on a weekly lockout etc I could understand, but I’m all but forced to spend all my time in a single place, doing one thing until I get this item. I don’t know if you care about feedback over at Blizzard at all anymore, but this is just bad game design thorough and through. And no I have no merit to base that upon other than for the last week I have contemplated quitting the game again, and I only started back up a month ago. I really hope this is not something that carries over to DF. Thanks.

I did 150+ runs for the haste trinket from ID srill dont have it my friend already has 7 of them looted so yes its actually crap. But i dont mind it rlly

Getting specifics was always ‘impossible’. So i never even tried to farm any.

You should get some perspective. Your score is about that of an enthusiastic decent player. An item isn’t going to make or break you. People are doing keys 12 or more levels higher than you, you aren’t “competitive”.

If farming the trinket isn’t fun for you, then don’t. No-one is ever going to go “OMG that dudes got THE trinket, that’ll swing this tough key, lets invite him!”

Let me offer some perspective back. I just started playing a month ago and I’m close to 2500 rating. Are there better people out there, yes great observation, this is true for most people. Especially YOU it seems having taken a look at your IO. But this is irrelevant. The point I was making was the arbitrary nature of some of the best items in the game, and how even the most hardcore of people I have spoken to simply gave up on it due to the nature of getting it.

If its irrelevant why did you mention it? I have characters with a higher score than you from playing in a totally non hardcore way.

The point remains, why do it if its not fun? Most people don’t blow 20-30 hours doing something they hate “cos sims”. Like I said, its not going to make a difference to the keys you can do or will get invited to.

But naw, you have to go the “I’m forced to do it” route. Take some damn responsibility for your choices, evaluate them and blame yourself, not the game.

EDIT: lmao, I just looked at your rio, you’re still tryharding on the trinket as we speak, hating every moment of it. You could have spent all those dozens of hours being competitive.

I mentioned it cause you did, that’s why.
“Like I said, its not going to make a difference to the keys you can do or will get invited to.” Agreed as people don’t tend to check items before inviting in this ELO.

“Take some damn responsibility for your choices, evaluate them and blame yourself, not the game.” Why evaluate something if YOUR conclusion is that I only have myself to blame?
But you just wanna argue instead of listening to the point I’m actually making.

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