Devastation Evoker

It was a mid tier spec but after the nerf you dont have any wincondition in arena left what is that B S unplayable now and no fun at all also.
Squishy class with zero cc who has ok overall damage and no burst now
I mean you have 2x 2mins cds and you can only deal around 100k damage with it when a rogue can still oneshot you and shut you down

There are 2 ways to solve that revert the nerf or buff the defense of Devastation evoker big otherwise this class gonna be unplayable

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Changes to Devastation Evokers:

-Obsidian Armor can now be used while under the effect of player crowd control.

-Landslide and Deep Breath debuff effects are now considered physical and will pierce through defensives such as Cloak of Shadows.

-Landslide and Deep Breath now functions better in uneven grounds.

-Fire Breath’s damage over time is now increased by up to 30% depending on the level of spell used.

-Fire breath’s cooldown will be reset if the spell is dispelled by any means.

-Tempered Scale no longer increase armor versus players while in Devastation specalization. Instead, it reduced the damage done from melee attacks by 20%. Both the physical and magical damage done from melee attacks is reduced.

…I wish.

Its unplayable because some other specs are insane and season 1 is going to be more meta-dependent than ever.

-Will desperately need to be able to wall in stuns (rogue, warr, dh, pala dam lol)

-Self healing is low on high cds, especially blossom making you stand around for 2s

-Landslide cd could use 15-20s shorter cd

-Fire breath needs a pvp talent with dispel protection/lower cd and higher ticks now that using tip wont ever be worth it

-30yd range on all spells like preservation

As it stands now if you shuffle you’ll likely to be kill target and if breath dot is dispelled your damage is lmao

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