Developer Insights: New Upgrade System in Embers of Neltharion

do i understand it right that you cannot upgrade mythic +2 gear all the way up to max level now?
if yes then this system is garbanzo because getting items to drop at all in m+ is already terrible but if i need to get the same item more than once because i started lower difficulty in the season, that would be a major middle finger. but maybe i understand this convoluted and confusing system wrong.

why make easy things so complicated? i mean you basically had to write an essay to explain it and it is still not clear afterwards. who come up with this lol?

all you had to do is increase valor rewards for higher key lvls and also remove the stupid vault system


What level of Mythic+ will Aspect’s Shadowflame Crest drop from?

It allows upgrades to equivalent of 2400 rating now - which is around 16s/17s timed?

I really like this idea, sounds really good actually. Very nice, can’t wait to see its implementation.

Please consider renaming Crests; Diablo Immortal has poisoned that word. Call it literally anything else that doesn’t invoke a feeling of pure revulsion by being associated with that game.

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I don’t know how i feel about this. Feels like an unnecessary replacement system for something that was already on the way of being good / decent.


By my understanding you can. The new currency essentially is VP just renamed for Dragonflight thematic purposes. You can take a WQ item 385 all the way to 444, but in order to do that you will need to do the correct content to get the correct currency. Not 100% sure as it also speaks of currency dropping from all activities. Best to Just keep an eye out on Icy Veins or WoWheads. I am sure on of the guide writers will simplify it even further and give a breakdown at what tier you need to collect what currency.

So, once again Blizzard is completely catering towards the ‘big 3’ players and completely spitting in the face of world content players.

Because, of course they do.
This is so very very tiresome; I’d hoped with all the base changes to Blizzard’s philosophy that we’d see world content and solo players being treated with more respect; but no. Still the same old story.

And further insulting such players by calling their content ‘whelp’ level. Oh man.


World content doesn’t require gear. It has no progression like “the big 3”.


Such a great argument; haven’t heard that one a thousand times before. :person_facepalming:t3:

Players require gear and upgrades; to have fun. Because getting those things is fun.
And being weaker than everyone else is NOT fun. Being done gearing 2 weeks after a patch releases is NOT fun. It’s boring.

World content NEEDS a chance (even a small one) to get higher difficulty Shadowflame Crests. It can take (much) longer than high end content; of course, that’s no problem. But not having a chance at that at all, that stops progress dead in its tracks way too soon and that kills world content.


Maybe but the new system is somewhat ambiguous. Hinting that currency drops from all content but indicating you can only upgrade so far. This suggests to upgrade further you need currency from the correct tier. So kinda does exclude those that dint partake in extreme high content and on the flip side sort of forces you to partake in those. Could also be why seasonal affixes got dumped and the others gettin a rework. Lowering the bar to make the content easier to access. Easy upgrade system and easy access = partake or lose out. That’s on the player.

I disagree; not letting players have fun in the content they prefer is on the devs. Not the players.

Hell, this post shows the devs making sure the ‘big 3’ people are having fun by providing ways to quickly upgrade if you already had a higher ilvl in a particular gear slot and by providing alts with a quick way to upgrade. All that trouble to make sure ‘big 3’ players are having fun.

Where’s them making sure solo and/or world content players are having fun?!
It’s insulting!


The problem is if the boring, unimaginative, grindy, tedious, gated world content’s rewards go all the way up to match the rest, their audiences will be forced to partake in it.
What you see as an alternative is a mandatory annoyance for everyone else.

First of all YOU think it’s those things; doesn’t mean it is that for others.
Secondly; no, because big 3 content will always be WAY faster and more convenient.

If you can choose to do a raid and have a boss drop ‘ilvl XXX’.
Would you then start grinding for a month at the end of which you could MAYBE earn that ‘ilvl XXX’ item? No; you’d simply do more raids and get all of that stuff way faster and more convenient.

I’m not asking to be handed that gear just like that; I’m asking for it to take time and rng. I’m fine with that; I just want to be ABLE to earn it (over a long time). And not be treated as if my fun doesn’t matter: Which has been the case now for FRICKING 5 YEARS!

It is only forced onto players by there own greed.

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Yeah, personal goals only matter when it’s about casuals “needing” mythic ilvl rewards from world content. Progression players wanting to maximize their gear is just greed.

You force it onto yourselfs that simple you just can not admit it.

And casuals force themselves to play for gear instead of the sheer enjoyment of the game, they just can’t admit it.

I know you like to think you are right 100% because you are one of the most arrogant posters on this forum who goes about post to post injecting there bile onto others projecting only there view is correct so have the last word . We all know you the so called “high level” player can not stop themselfs from gearing and are “forced”.

The whole discussion started because an open world player stated they’re forced into the “big 3” content to acquire bis gear, so if his complaint is valid then so is mine.

i would assume that if explorer is 8/8 you could not up it furthrr.
but we shall see.
also i would say nobody really cares if valor is thematic or not :confused:
most people who run the gear treadmill dont care much for this kind of stuuf