Developer Insights: New Upgrade System in Embers of Neltharion

Developer Insights: New Upgrade System in Embers of Neltharion

In this Developer Insight, WoW Developer Chimes takes you deep into the new upgrade system arriving with the release of the Embers of Neltharion content update.

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This sounds suspiciously amazing… Please don’t do something weird, obstructive and annoying with it at the last minute :joy_cat:

And make sure that when you say the cap is higher than most players would earn, you flipping mean it. If we clear 8x M+ for the vault and reached cap before the 8th, then you’ve underestimated us - it was always a problem with valor.

Huge potential for this system, really hope it works out :smile_cat:


Sounds good, I’m cautiously optimistic.


Why it feels like we’re slowly improving? Where is my WoW related deep depression?

EDIT: Nah, it’s back. I read the new PvP changes. Thanks Blizz, you never let down.


Q: I’m a Fury warrior, and I was looking at the weapon upgrade section. I can’t find the part that makes me sad to wield two two-handed weapons.
A: Because of the way redundancy for two-handed weapons works, Fury warriors get a unique benefit: upgrading a single two-handed weapon makes the same upgrade on the other weapon cost half the usual amount of Flightstones and no Crests. We forgot to add a part that would make you sad. Please forgive us.

Cheers! Was worried about this part.
This is great, it’s a nice benefit to have especially since it is usually a disadvantage to update two two-handed weapons most of the time.
So finally having it the other way around is encouraging.


when is it coming

Sounds like a downgrade from the current system, minus upgradable raid gear.

It should be possible to upgrade your stuff to the same level of Mythic raids. Or more specifically, Mythic raids should not have given higher ilvl than Heroic raids to begin with since it’s suppose to be the definite difficulty.


overconvoluted , overcomplicated nonsense.

all you had to do is :

a)make raid gear upgradable and raid bosses drop valor
b)make hugher keys / higher raid difficulties drop much more valor.

but lets be honest here - its just excuse for Ion to remove valor again from game because he hated players for ofrcing him to put it back into game.

now he has his 5 minutes.

and expansion is suffering .


Convoluted rubbish system for the sake of making another system.

Valor works just fine, the only improvement is making gear you all ready own in a slot upgrade for cheaper for the lower ilvl piece.

Use valor, implement one change. Simple system improved and better then your plans for Embers of Neltharion.

Its normal to change things that are broken, so not sure why you’re breaking something that is working.


Why do you always make stuff so convoluted?


Another hit to m+ runners ?


Why even change it? Current PvP and M+ upgrades seem almost perfect since BfA or so. Nerf M+ gear upgrade levels more and that will be enough but nothing else


That would only benefit M+ and raid players who only play 1 main char.

The new system also benefits:

  • Alts, because it makes catch-up faster.
  • M+ and raid players who also want to chill and do some outdoor quests now and then, because that stuff also gives them upgrade currency.
  • Casuals who don’t do M+ and raid.
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This sounds vastly more complex and cumbersome than what we got now, i must say.
If the objective really was to make things simpler, this ain’t it.


It sounds very good and as the devs say we can try it for a season and we see after.

:smiley: i don’t think it’s that complicated
it’s just one currency for all your upgrades
you are not going to upgrade to mythic just like now you couldn’t
because why would you want mythic gear when you do no MYTHIC content
and if you max your vault this also is not going to touch you much
maybe 2-3 items you gonna upgrade with that new currency

It does sound too good to be true and I agree they could have just used this system and the current currency of Valor.

Essentially if I have understood this correct you can basically take a WQ item Explorer and upgrade this item all the way to Mythic. Naturally this is going to require you to partake in those activities to get the appropriate currency. In other words to take an Adventure item all the way to mythic you will need to partake in mythic activities to be able to upgrade it.

My only concern here is that it may make crafted gear less desirable making this system somewhat redundant. I mean if you can upgrade the gear to Mythic 444 Hero 5/5 using this system there may be no incentive to get crafted gear for alts - or maybe this system is because the public order system has not really been working as intended.

The only time crafted gear will be desired is if you collect the correct currency via high keys and have it recrafted past 444. We will have to see how much the crafted system suffers.

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again tower gem ew you would tink would learn somting from trougast gem faista

They can add some effects in crafter gear (like the cloth shoulders that do dmg) so they gonna keep be relevant

I have not found a Feedback post on the EU forums.
My main sugestion is enable Human Shamans.
Many people will argue that this is not viable because of the lore, but this was not a problem for Tauren and Draenei Rogues, Worgen Monk, Undead Monk and many others.