Devoker need huge nerfs

Evokers are the worst class ever introduced with an extremely mediocre design but a dragon doing 200k dps using 1 spell whilst they can cast on the move is absurdly broken


Saying evoker is the worst is kinda hurtfull :frowning: Yes, disintegrate damage needs to be looked upon but on the other hand they are rather easy to lock down after dragonrage. Dev is squishy and cant do 200k dps without rage. Fistweavers though… now thats where my problem is :smiley:

Evokers and fistweavers are both issues amongs a lot others in this big bucket of pvp issues atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yes. You are onto something :sweat_smile:

My brother you are 1600 on rogue and have no enchants on any of your gear or sockets this late into the season, I dont think evoker and fistweaver are the things you should be worried about right now.

Don’t see how that’s relevant?:sweat_smile: You can tell a large amount of game issues by just watching pvp on YouTube.

Also cba enchants this late as I am brooooke and geared this char with conquest boxes lol

I mean it as in the sense of rogue is one of the classes that can shut down FW, at 1600 there are plenty of things you can improve and the fistweavers are messing up on. If you are going in there naked with no enchants etc against people in full gear you are gonna have a miserable time against everything. But is hard to take peoples “Nerf x” post seriously when they aren’t playing much ranked pvp themselves in the first place

The common consensus is I don’t like playing against -x- class so nerf it.
“This class adds one extra kick and its annoying getting trained by 3 melee”
“This class does some damage as healer with the right buffs up” (priest does more)
“This class never casts anything” (Do druids cast anything but cyclone this exp?)

Evoker and FW work in very few niche comps, if they were truly as broken as people like to make out that they are you would see them everywhere like you do when priest gets buffed or ret etc.

The playerbase flock to the path of least resistance everytime and it has shown itself again and again and again through every season of this expansion due to the cost of rerolling being non existent.

There are 7 monks in top 20 healers for solo shuffle, 6 of them are 1 person.
There are 4 monks eligible for R1 in 3s. All the same person.

The statistics don’t lie bro lol.

Stop coping, i have seen FW in mage/lock and it worked just fine.

It really actually isn’t that squishy and going devoker is kind of troll as of late.

And yes, it is absurd that there is an even more meme damage breakdown than ele shamans having 50% of their damage being Lava Burst, which is Desintegrate, with the difference being Devoker actually poses a kill threat at almost all times.

Disgusting and and cringy spec.

Preservation on the other hand is reall cool.

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From all of us pres-evokers I thank you for the kind words :smile:


Being squishy is one of the most overrated statements regarding pvp, along with “we die in a stun” and “it is purgeable”.

IMHO, the only true classes which I would consider squush in a sense that people here are using are mages and hunters, because their main def is mobility and because they have almost no passive mitigation and/or healing whatsoever.

I guess you can count boomkins and ferals in there (and that is why nerfing cyclone would kill them both), but I think because they are almost exclusively a focus target (because of clone being so opressive) gives people a perception they are more squishy than they really are. Boomkin is still the best caster atm and feral is rocketing in numbers aswell in high end ladder.

My ele shaman doesn’t feel squish at all and I actually pray I am the focus target because, and this feels humiliating tbh, most of my RSS loses are without me dying (either my teammates werent good or I played too passive).

On my MM, I die A LOT more often, but I am still higher then ele shaman because the damage is more concentrated and bursty and can carry games.

So yeah, I think the perception of smth being squishy in this game is quite skewed.

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Squishy just means you need to be in the vicinity of your healer. If you as an evoker, is in the view of your healer and not LOSing then you are near immortal.

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Works fine and Works to a point of obtaining anything significant is a complete different story lmao, 90% of mage/lock do NOT want to play with FW.

“coping” btw