Devs need to wake up

Wtf are they doing?

Everytime i read these dog sh*t blue posts its just facepalm how are they allowing this DH epidemic to continue, do they actually watch footage of this game or listen to what anyone writes on the forums, i have 1.6 max rated demon hunters 1 shotting me in a fel eruption, 350k death sweep into 150k annihilation. Gut this disgusting ape reroll master class and stop applying these god awful reworks that no one asked for to PvP.

The end of last season i was slightly enjoying the game again, things seemed somewhat ‘‘balanced’’ at least DPS wise, healers maybe not and they come in with another awful re work which completely breaks the meta and gives 1.4 players a chance to achieve 2.1, 2.4 achievements, the same way they did with their ret pala alt they havent touched since the ret epidemic.

Please dev’s fix DH its so exhausting to play into


they literally touched what you complained about, its incredible fun to see how people have no clue how the classes they complain about function

Let me guess you’ve just re-rolled DH and have hit your highest ever shuffle rating?

You think these nerfs are whats needed to fix DH ahahhaha carry on being deluded bro

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Devs have been dogs#it since MoP. Remember 9 month Guardian Spirit bug?

And besides what does it matter if Classes are broken or weak when resources does not matter and mobility is below the roof?

We are still stuck with MOBA playstyle.

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I dont understand what we pay them a subscription for then?


well we pay them a subscription to make a bad game since we’re not cancelling it anyway

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you complained about “350k death sweeps”, they wont be doable without the 119% modifier from chaos disposition anymore

keep the tears coming though buddy

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sorry dude, balance druids and dks are same as dh so i see no reason why you cry about dh. They nerfed it already and now it’s the same as other classes so please stop crying.

There is a reason he is posting from a classic alt.


Say what? Balance druid doesnt have a single spell that hit’s over 200k. My largest Starsurge crits are like 160k-180k and that’s during incarn. DH can hit 300k Elysian, 300k Death Sweep, 150k fel rush, 150k Hunts. Every single spell DH has deals more DMG than Boomkins best spell. Boomkins are a pain mainly due to cyclone, but everyone hates cyclone no matter what spec, resto, feral, boomkin, tank, cyclone is toxic.

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nerfed that’s a good joke


Confirmed only DH rerollers replying :sweat_smile:


wdym only DH rerollers replying!, brb to swap to my (first ever 1800 played DH for the first time btw) just 1 second.

Okay im here, now where we have been, YEA man! WTF are you talking about? DH is super fine, it got nerfed and now its a viable class that literally can been seen everywhere due to playing it you gain braincells and your brain also expands to the point you can understand 15th dimensions!

Oh, and get gud. :wink:

Yup. Super fine. Git gud everyone.

Ah, fellow fotm enjoyers, dem color purple its everywhere!! We have to get Gud.

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