DF a missed opportunity?

After playing the wrath DK intro again it felt great and I felt like the dk was a force to be reckoned with.

For some reason the class feels more fun and I like the build up, rotations and synergy’s they all fell impactful.

I went back to retail and realised all the flavour was missing and I missed building my spec. Sure they all become optimum and meta at some point.

The things I’ve missed that aren’t present on retail are:

-dual wield and 2h for all specs
-every spec can tank
-icy touch
-all diseases

When bring back talents they could’ve got wild wild with death knights and at least brought being able to tank or dps in each spec. Dps blood is a dream. Give one spec the chance to use shields.

I would’ve loved presences back in some form.

They could’ve allowed a branch of the holy tree to turn them into a ranged necrmancer.

Being an anti paladin maybe give them auras.

Remove breath of sindragosa

Give unholy dks more ghouls and ghoul types rather than just one style with one ghoul. Maybe a mage, archer, abom and let the ability’s raise undead as you do your rotation not just army.

Let us customer the ghoul.

If we lack mobility we should be the hardest to take down while just now I feel squishy.

Give more options for runeforging so more than one is viable.

Give us the choice of red, blue and green eyes.

Some races don’t have undead skins.

I just feel like they age trying to fix and patch up problems than innovate

Also as an additional thing. Why can frost do that projectile rock thing from the shadowlands cinematic lol


I am happy these aren’t a thing…

Only the dual wield/2h for Unholy and Frost is quite confusing.
They should just make all specs 2h and be done with it… This would also fix the 1h weapon loot spec fiasco on Frost.

It basicly is a DPS, Heal and Tank spec in retail atm.

Please no…
I am tired with all these half-arsed concepts.
DK is a melee class, Unholy is a necromancer. Done.


But one will always be “Meta” sadly…

Yes please!


the thing is,

you have to remmeber WoTLK DK, was one of the most Overpowered points of a class to realistically be a thing.

every specc being able to tank was a broken concept, and shouldnt really be returning, Just like other DPS Speccs findingg tanking abilities was lost too.

i ironically prefer Todays DK then WoTLKs though.

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Or was it actually designed 100 times better than it’s ‘‘successor’’ specs in retail? It was miles better back in WOTLK because i can see the love the developers put in to that class.


Being ridiculously overpowered isnt great design, and thats largely opinonated. I didnt like DK in WoTLK personally.

I didnt start to enjoy DK til legion ironically.

Pretty much everything you listed is something that i would not enjoy.

Presences are like stances, kinda irrelevant, i don’t wanna be bothered with the “stance dance”, although it’s not something that i straight up hate.

Dual wield or 2h, is a bother, and i really do not like the direction they want with for shadowlands.

In the end what is the difference? Did re introducing single minded fury do something for the spec? No it just split the loot into 2.

People just focus too much on irrelevant stuff, and the things that some people focus on are straight up detrimental.

Also, all diseases, no thanks, i really don’t wanna be bothered with having to keep up 3 dots, and if you only really use one because the other 2 are garbage, then what’s the point?

As for the customization thing, i have nothing to say about it, i don’t really care that much, but if they introduced it, i wouldn’t say anything against it.

DK presences werent like stances.

DK presences is the only thing i could agree with on the list. As they were simply passive buffs and while sound arberity made big differences when it came to soloing content.

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Yea to be honest i don’t remember exactly it’s been quite some time.

From what i can remember different stances gave you different buffs, but you could use every ability regardless, unlike warrior stance, where some abilities are relegated to certain stances.

Yeah that exactly haha DK ones were decent althouvh i cant see them returning them

If you knew what you were doing, you pressed 1 button every 15-21 seconds to refresh it. The diseases made your key abilities do more damage (Blood Strike, Obliterate etc).

It was less about stance dancing and more of a active choice as you wasted a crucial resource to change presence.

DK’s were designed to be a Juggernaut from the core with close to no mobility, but high damage output and high defensive capability. It kinda was the fantasy that you could tank as any spec which made the class very unique.

Problem is when too many melee players in PvP think that Zugzug should be an automatic win, it becomes a problem when you have a class that is designed to be able to take that beating and hit back hard.

But i agree, fundamentally in WotLK DK’s were very strong/OP

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