DF Pvp should we be worried?


Hello everyone,

From the feedback of our follow beta brothers, i understand DF pvp may yet be even more unbalanced than Sl- wich is utterly crazy.

Do you guys think, Blizz will have it under control with all this modifiers( damage, crit, hybrid heals, etc)

I mean they dont have borrowed power systems and grinds anymore, but feels like conduits, leggo abilities are in the new talent trees and that screams sl once again.

Anyone has some good feedback from beta?

Happy for the new wod gearing and solo que( even tough this will probably be a circus a the start)

Expect the worst? Hope for the best?

Have a nice day!

new classes rarely bring about a more balanced patch


Haha, when was the last time Blizz had anything at least remotely close to under control?
Expect nothing and prepare to be disappointed anyway.


There will be stuff completely broken, people will complain about it and 4 month later Blizzard will address the concerns by nerfing the class at the complete wrong end not addressing what was actually broken and making the class either unplayable or change nothing at all.

Like destro back then.


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