DF Season 2 Class Set Feedback: Death Knight (Unholy & Frost)

So I got some feedback about the DK class set bonuses:

Currently Unholy is very reliant on it’s main cooldown window of Gargoyle + Army in single target. The tierset bonus sadly doesn’t play well with this way of playing Unholy as it is hard to line up properly without encouraging very clunky and boring gameplay (sometimes you just have to afk for 5-10 seconds and let your runes recharge/over-cap your runic power just so you don’t trigger the set bonus too early before your Dark Transformation + Apocalypse, never mind aligning it with Gargoyle). In AoE it can be okay, but again you will have the problem of holding off on Epidemic casts until you reach the next pack of mobs, which again is not fluid or fun gameplay.

Suggestion: Either a complete rework, or make it proc after 6 Death Coils/Epidemics and have it last 10-15 seconds (2 set bonus) but to be honest, even that isn’t a very good fix and I just think this set is just plain bad and needs a complete rework.

4 set is super underwhelming and complete rng which is frustrating, I would suggest this instead: (4 set) - During Master of Death, gain 15% Haste. Death coil & Epidemic increases the duration of Master of Death by 0.5 seconds.

In all honest this tier set is going to be hard to balance. Currently in a similar vain to Unholy, you are going to use the Vault of Incarnates tier-set over this new one, even with the ilvl decrease (of course this will be tuned but losing the Season 1 tier set will result in a lack of Rune generation due to less KM procs, less chances to proc Murderous Efficiency etc.)

The entire set bonus essentially forces you to play Frostwyrm’s Fury, which does punish players who are not committing the talent point/points to Frostwyrm’s Fury & Absolute Zero. It also doesn’t really add anything to any of the other talents in the Frost DK tree, it doesn’t have any useful/unique interactions with other talents (like the Season 1 tierset does with Fatal Fixation, Murderous Efficiency, Bonegrinder etc) so it just doesn’t compare sadly.

It is also similar to Unholy where you will hold off on using Rime procs completely, just so you do not trigger the 4 set Frostwyrms fury outside of your Pillar/Eternal Strength (which feels very clunky, not fun and you feel like you’re being punished for using this tier-set). It’s going to be a balancing nightmare with this concept, because if you make it good for single target, then it will be too good in AoE/Mythic Plus scenarios.

Suggestion: To be honest, a redesign of the 2 set bonus at least. The 4 set does need a bit of a buff/additional bonus instead of just a Frostwyrm’s Fury coming out here and there, but it can work, so maybe this can be the 2 set bonus instead?

Unless you intend on Frost being a pure AoE machine with poor single target, I can’t say this is a fun or worthwhile tier-set to pursue for raiding. It needs a complete rework, or at least make the current 4 set a 2 set bonus that’s just a passive Frostwyrm’s Fury’s you throw out here and there without much thought and then create a new 4 set bonus that has more synergy with Frost in general, and not just isolated to one talent choice.

Thank you for reading and I hope that Unholy and Frost see some improvements with these set bonuses (There are probably many good suggestions out there, and I hope to see a lot of iteration and improvements) before the next Season.

Hope that UHDK is viable, really enjoying it (disease spec) for mythic +. Would hate for it to get ruined!

Sticking with the theme of Dragons, what if every 5 rimes procced a 2 point Frostwhelp’s Aid on 2 set bonus?

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