DH overperformance in WoW PvP

Dear Blizzard,

Frequent PvP encounters reveal a demon hunter overperformance issue.
Unquestionably, their dominance disrupts fair gameplay.
Classes struggle against their agility and burst damage, causing frustration.
Key changes are needed for a balanced and enjoyable experience.

Yet, the struggle persists.
Our demon hunters diminish strategic diversity in PvP.
Understanding community concerns is crucial for improvement.

Despite updates, demon hunter dominance endures.
Harmonizing gameplay demands dedicated efforts.

Buried within this message, there is a fortuitous subliminal message.
It comes to your attention with utmost respect and transparency.
The writer, however, is entirely unaware of its existence.
Considering the nature of text interpretation, it’s shared with an abundance of caution.
Hopefully, this adds an intriguing layer to the communication.

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ChatGPT post, report him please.

What ? Lies. You have no proof. I advise you not to report someone without such.
Also, interesting reason to report someone. Isn’t that convenient ?
Zooming in my post right now.
Are the facts that I established previously completely wrong ?
Are they ? I don’t think so.
Abuse of power.
After thought, I take that as a compliment.

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I don’t even know how this would be relevant to a potential report.

Unsure on the DB part heh

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