Dh tank 484 lfg fyrakk kill for curve

Hello everyone,

Maybe a bit of a long shot, but I’ll never know if I don’t try.

With my Dh vengeance 484, I’m looking for a group to finally get my curve. I’ve done enough attempts on Fyrakka HC to know the fight by heart, but none of the groups I tried with actually managed to kill him. And now most of the pug groups want the curve.

I have pretty much nothing else to do anymore on this character as I also did enough M+ to get tired of them. The only thing I still need is that damn curve.

And if you don’t like Dh, I also have a Dk blood ~480 who has the same issue as my Dh.

If you need one of those tanks for you cleans, you can add me on Battle.net : Visor#2358.

Your best bet is to create your own raid group .
It’s very sad that 99% of players will request curve to join ,even though it can be bought .
Personally in my view lots of hight item level/curve players aren’t fun to play with anyway.
I stopped doing mythic plus the last few expansions due to how many groups forget it’s just a game and I didn’t like to see all the abuse some players got for making errors .
Enjoy the game for what it is and have fun.

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